Rolling Tray

Marijuana use is rising daily, with many people coming into the family. That means more newbies and more wasted herbs when rolling. But it does not have to be so.

Enter the rolling tray, which makes your weed-rolling process seamless. A rolling tray is also called a weed tray and can serve many purposes.

Rolling a blunt is almost a sacred ritual many people love to engage in. As much as possible, the process should be clean and swift, without wasting precious herbs. Having all your materials in one place during rolling is essential to get the perfect blunt.

You don’t want to drop your herbs as you scramble to look for your grinder or paper. Thus, a rolling tray is a perfect tool to make your rolling easy.

Rolling trays are not for newbies alone; even the experienced need them. The perfect weed trays can introduce organization into your sacred process that you didn’t even know you needed. So, if you’re unsure what a rolling tray is used for, stick with me.

What Is a Rolling Tray?

A rolling tray is a flat surface specially designed for rolling joints, blunts, and spliffs. Typically, rolling trays are rectangular but can also be circular, oval, or custom-shaped.

When it comes to rolling the perfect joint, a rolling tray is a perfect tool. Traditional rolling trays are flat, but some modern ones come with special crevices dug into them. The recesses hold your crafting materials like a grinder, rolling paper, and lighter.

Both newbies and experienced rollers have found a use for rolling trays. Those who prefer joints over vapes or pipes especially treasure their rolling trays. While a rolling tray may seem like a simple tool, you can only appreciate the benefits when you own one.

Rolling trays come in various sizes, materials, shapes, and designs. Many enthusiasts purchase their rolling trays according to their needs and personal style. Those are the top two criteria to consider before buying a rolling tray.

Are Rolling Trays Necessary?

Rolling trays are necessary if you frequently light a blunt. A rolling tray is that tool you never knew you needed. Rolling trays are useful in the rolling process because they are designed to keep all your materials in one place.

Anyone who smokes joints knows the importance of having all their tools together. If you are already a little high, you need your tools within arm’s reach.

In addition, a rolling tray helps to catch stray bits of weed that fall while rolling. Again, if you are high, chances are you’ll drop some herbs while rolling.

Rather than the crevice of your couch, they fall back to the tray with none the wiser. That way, you get to save your precious, hard-earned herbs.

Most rolling trays have raised edges for the specific purpose of keeping your weed trapped. Moreover, a rolling tray makes it convenient for you to roll a joint anywhere. Prop up your tray on a flat surface or your lap and get rolling.

Benefits of Rolling Trays

A rolling tray is useful for more than just rolling your weed. Firstly, it provides a flat surface to roll your joint on, which is crucial.

If you want to avoid spreading your entire batch of weed on the floors, use a rolling tray. You no longer have to get yourself in uncomfortable positions to roll a blunt.

Instead of leaning over, which isn’t ideal if you’re high, use your weed tray. You can even place it on your lap, on your belly, anywhere, and rest assured that your surface is sturdy.

The other benefit of a weed tray is that it provides a clean surface on which to work. Rolling your weed on some random tray from the kitchen or in a book is not exactly hygienic.

A rolling tray, especially a metal one you can easily wipe, takes care of the hygiene part for you. If you roll on a table, fallouts can attract dust or lint, thus making them unusable. Additionally, your table could get sticky and nasty, and nobody wants that.

Lastly, having a placeholder for all your rolling accessories cannot be overstated. You do not want to break your rolling flow because you can’t find your rolling paper.

Thus, the weed tray can be a holder for all your accessories when not in use. Some trays come with custom-made recesses to hold rolling paper and other accessories.

Does Size Matter for Rolling Trays?

One of the major criteria weed enthusiasts consider before buying a rolling tray is the size. Yes, size does matter. Generally, you want to get a rolling tray that would be convenient for your use.

If you are a frequent traveler, go for a small tray that can fit into your backpack, handbag, or carry-on. You do not want to haul a bulky wooden tray in your bag while going on a trip. While a smaller rolling tray may not give you enough space to roll as you’d like, it is convenient.

Alternatively, if you’re a party animal and host smoking parties frequently, you have no business with a small tray.

Rather, go for something big, with enough space for multiple rolls and space to keep accessories. Thus, consider your lifestyle and habits before getting a rolling tray. Additionally, you can get a smaller one for your travels and a big one for entertainment.

Best Type of Rolling Trays

When it comes to rolling trays, preference wins over all else. Rolling trays come in various materials like plastic, glass, wood, tin, and melamine.

However, the most common types of rolling trays are made of metal. Metal is also the most durable material to make rolling trays.

On-the-go smokers usually choose small metal trays they can easily throw in a backpack without breaking them. Metal can get shoved around a lot and not yield; thus, you get protection for your precious herbs.

Some people prefer to use trays made of wood, such as bamboo. Meanwhile, plastic trays are cheaper but not very popular and not sustainable.

Smokers who are big on aesthetics rather buy a tray that fits their home decor or personal style. Glass and bamboo are typical choices for aesthetic trays.

Rolling trays come in an endless supply of custom designs, shapes, and sizes. Thus, the best rolling tray should fit your aesthetic and lifestyle.

5 Different Ways to Use a Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is a multi-purpose tool that never stops coming in handy. Apart from its conventional use, here are some cool ways to use your rolling tray:

  • Coaster: So you don’t have a flat surface to keep your drink on, why not use your rolling tray? Doubling your rolling tray as a coaster is a very obvious choice. However, ensure that none of your flowers get wet in the process.
  • Wall art: Rolling trays come with various designs and cuts. Some tray designs are so ingenious that you must think of a better way to showcase them. Hang up your rolling tray as wall art in your entertainment or living room, and let everyone admire it. If you want to be extra, get a few more rolling trays and make a full artwork out of them.
  • Window art: Similar to wall art, you can hang your rolling tray on your window and let it catch the light. An epoxy or resin tray is the best type of rolling tray.
  • Game box: You shouldn’t be surprised what people get up to when they’re high. A rolling tray can serve as the perfect dice board for party games. A wooden tray especially would make less noise when tossed. In addition, the raised edges can catch the dice before they fall somewhere unsearchable.
  • Jewelry holder: A rolling tray can serve as a jewelry holder. Your trinket plate can also serve as a rolling tray if you’re desperate.

Wrapping It Up

A rolling tray is a must-have accessory for every weed enthusiast. Your weed tray provides the best workspace to roll your blunt effectively.

In addition, a weed tray prevents waste as it catches falling bits of weed. Weed from the carpet may tangle up with lint and grit, ruining your smoking experience.

A rolling tray also keeps your craft organized and professional, giving you enough space to do what you do best.

More on, you never have to bother about interrupting your process by searching for your filter tips. A rolling tray stores all your necessary accessories in one place.

The weed tray affords you a dedicated pace to hone your craft. Cleaning up after your smooth roll becomes easier with a tray.

Whether a newbie or an enthusiast, a rolling tray is your best friend. Big or small, rectangular or circular, rolling trays serve a crucial purpose for every smoker.