When people ask about your zodiac sign, they’re usually referring to your sun sign. This is the best-known aspect of your astrological profile because it’s the most forward-facing. However, you also have a more shadowy moon sign that reflects your inner thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Get to know your moon sign to reconnect with your deepest innermost self.

What Does Your Moon Sign Tell You?

Your moon sign represents your inner emotional self. While your sun sign points toward outer characteristics that are apparent for all the world to see, your moon sign is more about your hidden self. This is the person you are when you’re alone or with your close inner circle. Your moon sign is closely tied to your emotions. While your sun sign may rule how you’ll act, your moon sign indicates how you’ll really feel in certain situations. In your astrology birth chart, your moon sign is represented by a crescent moon symbol.

What Determines Your Moon Sign?

The position of the moon at the time of your birth determines your moon sign. While the sun stays in each sign for 30 to 31 days, the moon moves from sign to sign in just two. Thus, your moon sign is likely different from many other people who share your sun sign. This explains some of the stark differences you might see between two people with the same sun sign. You can use a simple moon sign calculator to quickly find out what your moon sign is.

How Do Moon and Sun Signs Interact?

To get a well-rounded look at your unique personality and traits, you must consider both your moon sign and sun sign. These two aspects of yourself play off one another. If both your sun and moon signs are in the same triplicity, sharing one element, you’ll find that element enhanced in your personality. For example, someone with two water signs will be deeply sensitive and loving but quite reclusive.

If your moon and sun signs are the same, you were born under a new moon. Individuals born under a new moon are destined to make a big impact on the world. If your sun and moon signs are direct opposites, you were born under a full moon. You will find yourself continually drawn to reconcile opposing forces.

What Are the Traits of Each Moon Sign?

Some of the most common traits of each moon sign are:

  • Aries: Impulsive, excitable, passionate.
  • Taurus: Sensual, stable, strong-willed.
  • Gemini: Communicative, charming, curious.
  • Cancer: Intuitive, emotional, peaceful.
  • Leo: Creative, generous, entertaining.
  • Virgo: Logical, organized, helpful.
  • Libra: Natural mediator, sympathetic, flirtatious.
  • Scorpio: Private, seductive, emotional.
  • Sagittarius: Independent, adventurous, optimistic.
  • Capricorn: Dedicated, responsible, productive.
  • Aquarius: Egalitarian, thoughtful, observant.
  • Pisces: Empathic, generous, intuitive.

Getting to know your moon sign better will help you understand your inner self and how you can best care for it. It’s important to give your deep emotional self the care it needs. Though you might be an outgoing Gemini according to your sun sign, if you have a Pisces moon sign, you’ll need to make sure you step back from the social scene sometimes to center yourself or you could get burned out. Your moon sign can let you know the type of self-care you need most, so you can treat yourself well in all ways.


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