What is a Dagger? – Different Types & Uses of the Big Blades

Many people usually end up getting confused when they come across several types of knives displayed at weapon stores and that is why you get to see questions like what is a dagger popping up. Well, they are just another type of knife, that are bigger versions of everyday knives.

Yes, the dagger knife comprises a big blade fixed on top which cannot be folded, thus making it fall into the category of fixed blade knives. The blade is wide and long, but the best thing is that it is double-sided. This means that you can use the tool from either side which is a great thing. 

Coming to history, this may be no less than a surprise that the big knives have been out there for quite some time. The knives have been in use by the military for self-defence purposes. Today, the uses have increased and the big blades assist in a number of things. The types you find will also amaze you as you get many cool types today.

Types of the Best Knives being Offered

Today, the weapon has evolved to a greater extent. You get so many options out there that it becomes hard for anyone to make a choice without knowing them. This section will be giving you details on each type so that you get to have the best knives in hand. 

  • Real Daggers

The very first collection we will be talking about consists of real daggers. This collection is regarded as the best as you get to buy replicas of the weapons used in the past from this collection. The daggers from this collection have been created by keeping weapons of the past in mind. If you love history, this is the best collection to look into.

  • Throwing Daggers

Moving on to the next collection, we have the throwing daggers. The weapon is a really cool one with a unique ability at its disposal. The weapon is good for throwing purposes because of the lightweight it comes in. Secondly, as it is double-sided, there is no chance for anything to escape your hit. One precise hit can get you your hunt down. The weapon is best for hunting purposes and that is why you must have one before heading out.  

  • Cool Daggers

The next collection we have onboard is the one that houses the cool daggers. This collection is not based on real-life or does not include hunting knives instead; the knives it houses consist of weapons based on imagination. You get to buy weapons that you may have seen in movies, cartoons, and video games. All weapons are extremely good for collection purposes. You can even gift them.

  • Branded Daggers

The final collection you will run into consists of branded daggers. This collection is known for creating top-quality daggers. They have the best blades as top quality material is used in their creation and they have extremely smooth grips that give you good control over the sharp knife. The brands that offer these hot selling knives include the MTech, tac force, and the elk ridge. All mentioned brands are some big names in the world of knives and they will surely not disappoint you. 

Although everyday knives are good on their own however having daggers can benefit you more. They tend to be more beneficial because of the big wide blades they have that make it easy for any task to be done in one go. Secondly, the advantage the daggers have over other knives is that they are double-sided that is you will need not worry if one side gets damaged as you get to use the weapon from the other.

Uses of the Big Blades

The big blades are good for multiple reasons. They are able of doing a lot because of the size they have. Let us look into the uses of the blades.  First of all, you can easily cut and chop things with them. No matter if you are using them for cutting in your kitchen or outdoors, the blades will give you a great experience.

The blades are great outdoor companions. You can use them for survival and hunting. For the use of survival, you can use the blades to cut your way through obstacles, you can cut eatables along the way, you can set up camps, and can even cut wood for fire with them. 

Coming to the hunting part, you can use the blades to easily take down anything in just one go. The wide blades can rip through subjects in just one go. The throwing blades are also cool as you can easily take down anything with them from a safe distance.

Coming to the best use of the weapon, which is self-defence and combat. The weapons have been in use for a long time by the military. They use it for close combat fights and this has proved to be an effective thing to do. You can use the weapon for your own safety by having one at home.

Apart from the uses talked about, you can go on to create a collection out of the weapons. You can even gift knife enthusiasts with one. All knives come with sheaths to ensure everything remains safe.

Check Out the Wholesale Knives Today

Every tidbit of the big knives has been explained in detail in this guide and now it is time to look into the pricing of the weapon. You will be happy to learn that the big blades are priced at a low. You can buy them as a single piece for yourself or you can buy wholesale knives in bulk.

Buying in bulk has many benefits as you get to make money out of them. For finding the knives, look up online stores such as knife import. By going through this article you won’t be asking as to what is a dagger anymore.

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