What Guns Use 45 Long Colts – A Quick Review

In 1873 the Colt pistol company introduced a unique model pistol and cartridge; it was chambered for a .45 cartridge with a long case with a long neck. The cartridge was slightly longer than the .45 colt fired in a rifle. The 45 long colts have remained very popular because of their accuracy, power, and smooth lever action. They are fun to shoot by hand, in a single action, or as a repeating weapon.

 The .45 Colt is a centrefire cartridge designed for revolvers, although commonly used in rifles. When searching for 45 long colt ammo for sale, you must consider some pros and cons before making the final decision.

History and features

The 45-long colt is an old cartridge. It was loaded with black powder and used by the army. Colt made a cowboy gun that used these bullets. This is hanks gun. The 45-long colt is also called a 45 Schofield because John Schofield developed it.

The cowboy had to put a boot heel on his handgun but still struggled to hit something at a distance between 8 to 25 feet (about 2-7 meters). This meant he could not use the gun effectively. He used the 45-long colt cartridge with this gun, and although he could hit things better than with 44 shells, it still did not have great range.

The modern 45-long colt uses smokeless powder and usually has a jacketed bullet of around 240 grains at 1050 ft per second with 450-foot pounds of energy.

The 45-long colt was the next standard caliber to be accepted by the Army and Navy. It has a 185-grain round nose bullet at 900 ft per second with 806-foot pounds of energy. The original 45-long colt used black powder with a 405-grain paper patched bullet.

What guns use 45 long colt

What guns use 45 long colts; The 45 long caliber cartridges are used in one of the oldest handguns known to man. It remains a favorite among many countries. Some of the most famous are:

  • Taylors and Come 556208DE
  • SAT73103; Traditions
  • Cimarron CA850, Calibers 45 long colt
  • Taylors and Colt 5001DE
  • Cimarron CA332
  • Taylors & Come 151
  • Colt P2850
  • EAA 770022.

Types of 45 Long colt ammo

Like other guns and rifles, the 45 long colt also comes in various forms; some of the most important are discussed below:

  • LRN; LEAD ROUND NOSE: It is a traditional cartridge and features a round leaf bullet. It can be used for hunting, targeting, and self-defense.
  • LRN, FP; LEAD ROUND NOSE, FLAT POINT: it is also known as cowboys bullet, combined with the flat point at the end. It was designed to improve lever-action rifles.
  • TMJ; TOTAL METAL JACKET: It is round in hard metal. It requires specific shooting areas to avoid lead exposure.
  • Skeet: when looking for 45 long colt ammo for sale, the best choice is in a slightly different form #9 Shot Shells. It is loaded with small lead projectiles and is mostly used in shooting skeet.