What do front-end developers actually do?

I’m glad to welcome you. Today we will talk again about the growing world of technologies. Conventionally, we can divide the field of web development into two major parts: front-end and back-end. If you are reading this article I have a suspicion that you want to become a front-end developer. So let’s learn more about this profession, its features and necessary skills. We will also pay attention to the responsibilities that must have a worker in this field who claims a high position and reputation. The sooner you understand the benefits of this activity, the sooner you will help others with their projects.

Who is a front-end developer?

Front-end developer is an indispensable specialist whose task is to develop user interfaces for sites or applications. His work includes both original design and development of web interfaces that provide ease of use of the web resource. A professional interface developer must constantly put himself in the place of the user who visits the page and make everything as clear as possible. Because unlike the front-end code which interacts with the data on the server, work of the back-end code is based on interaction with users. Front-end developers not only deal with layout, but also have a more extensive range of work related to the site and web application. They also sometimes collaborate with product managers as well as designers in order to create an awesome website.

Main steps to become a front-end developer

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

These are three most important things that you need to learn as a foundation for a front-end worker. These languages are responsible for how the site will look in the browser. They are the first step to the goal and are not difficult, so it will be easy for you to learn them at home. The main thing is to immediately apply it in practice, creating similar sites. At this stage, try to get an idea of languages, their work, attributes and capabilities. With JavaScript we can build web application, native apps and server apps

Choose the best framework

Therefore, the next steps of the new front line are to study at least one framework. The most popular and therefore the best are Angular, React, Vue.js. They will help you learn the principles of building and optimizing web pages, learn the basic concepts of design and practice the skills you learned. But it is worth noting that before choosing a framework for yourself, note that the React is actually just a library.

Managing your Data in React

Using the Redux context API you will be able to store your data and make parts of your application sync with each other. This work you can do with the help of React.

Necessary skills

As this profession becomes more popular, employers are making more and more demands on candidates. A modern web developer must have a number of qualities and responsibilities:

  • To have a level in information technology;
  • Understand the principles of working HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • To know basics of SEO and content management;
  • Have experience with computer graphics apps;
  • Ensure the best perception of Web – documents;
  • Skills in the field of user interface design;
  • Good social skills.

Improvement and experience

If you have paved the way of becoming a front-end developer, you must know not only HTML5 and CSS, you will also need to know one or more CSS preprocessors, and choose between SASS or LESS. In addition, you must have a basic knowledge of the client-server architecture and how it works. As mentioned above, you still need to know JavaScript and one or more of its frameworks. And here begins the most interesting, because there are no limits to development. If you want to work with a CMS, you need to know PHP well. A big plus will be the ability to work with version control systems (CVS), such as GitHub, GitLab, etc, the knowledge of the Bootstrap 4 framework and the Gulp development task building system. The ability to Google correctly is also important, form queries to quickly find the information you need, or even sometimes ready-made solutions. Do not forget that the most important factor for success has always been and remains motivation and desire.

There are many programs that can help you prepare for professional development. For example, everyone knows AngularJS, which is an easy-to-learn, has fast and accessible interface that allows you to develop interactive and dynamic web applications. Of course, it focuses more on single-page applications, but they provide the user’s attention. The next can be called NodeJS. This platform, in addition to working with server-side scripts for web requests, is also used to create client and server programs. Socket.IO will help you learn how to work with sockets on both the client side and the server side. Your assistants will also be GulpJS and PugJS, the former will work with the project designer, the latter will be needed for the template mechanism. In addition, there are a huge number of both offline courses and online tutorials now, where they will explain everything step by step. I would recommend Freecodecamp and Codeacademy from online stores. To understand the base, a good plus will be taking programming courses. For example, GeekHub, as well as use the opportunities provided by the IT companies themselves – hackathons, lectures, workshops.


Of course you study these programs for a good job. If you are new or in development but have already learned the basics such as HTML, CSS, JS and their most popular libraries and frameworks, you can already work. There are many orders for WordPress and Magento that are aimed at freelance. GitHub Jobs, RemoteOK, Jobspresso are also boards where you can take a job to order with wider requirements and complexity. Front-end developers can apply for any organization that uses a personal website in their work and wants to develop and upgrade it. You also have the door open to a design studio or website development company. To become a high-level interface developer, I recommend going to work for a web development company. It is important for them to see your theoretical knowledge in practice, so prepare a portfolio where you would include all the experience gained.


Hiring a front end developer is very interesting, but also difficult. On their shoulders lies the modernization of the latest technologies, development of sites and applications. I hope this article has broadened your knowledge of the advantages and scale of such workers. Specialists in this field are highly valued and indispensable. Invest your time in things that will benefit!

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