What Does The Procedure of Sclerotherapy Involve?

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure used to treat varicose veins and spider veins. It is often the preferred treatment for patients with complaints of small varicose veins. Sclerotherapy may be done for majorly two reasons – aesthetic purposes or medical purposes. Some people with varicose veins may want to alter their appearance and thus opt for this procedure. Others may present with the side effects of varicose veins such as aches, night cramps, inflammation, and burning and choose sclerotherapy as a form of treatment. If you are looking for a cure for sclerotherapy Boise experts can give you the professional assistance you require. 

Process of sclerotherapy 

If you are a candidate for sclerotherapy, you must know what the procedure will involve. The process is performed in a doctor’s office and is completed in a few hours. It is done as follows:

  1. Before the procedure, your doctor will perform a physical examination and evaluate your past medical history. It would be best if you informed your doctor about existing or past illnesses or comorbidities and whether you are or have been on any medication. 
  2. Your doctor may order an ultrasound of the affected area to analyze the exact problem. 
  3. The procedure is begun by sterilizing the affected area. The doctor then injects a fine needle into the required veins. 
  4. The doctor will use this syringe to irrigate the vein with a solution that irritates the vein’s lining. This causes the vein to inflame and shut itself. The flow of blood is blocked in this process.
  5. Over time, the vein becomes scar tissue and eventually fades away. 
  6. The doctor will withdraw the needle once this process is completed and apply compression on the treated area. This is done to keep the blood away from the injected vein. 
  7. Your doctor will suggest that you wear compression stockings or bandages, depending on the area of the body that is treated. This is done so that pressure on the treated veins is constantly maintained, leading to faster healing. 
  8. You must discuss the medications you have to avoid after the procedure with your doctor. Other activities, such as strenuous exercise, exposure to direct sunlight, and hot baths, have to be avoided for a prescribed period after the treatment. 

The procedure for sclerotherapy has some side effects, which include temporary pain and inflammation, discomfort, and cramping. These will disappear shortly, and you can resume normal activities the very same day. Studies have shown that sclerotherapy is highly beneficial, and this procedure can quickly eliminate a sizeable number of varicose veins. 

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