What Does Outside Of Schedule Mean For TikTok Ads

What Does Outside Of Schedule Mean For TikTok Ads? [& How To Fix It]

TikTok is a great place to run ads for your product and gain traction in the audience. But at some point in the campaign, you can get the Out of Schedule message in the Ads Manager interface. Those who encounter this at first may get worried.

If the ad is still under review or its scheduled time has not started, then a similar message can appear. 

So, let’s look at the course of action on your part for this problem right in this article.  

What Does TikTok Ads Outside Of Schedule Mean? 

The message out of schedule for TikTok ads usually means that the ad you have set up is not scheduled to run yet. That indicates the ad is not running and delivering to your audience. Apart from the time you set, your balance in the ad account and review status can be reasons behind this issue.

It is natural for advertisers to get concerned. After all, you are spending on the ads, and if the ads do not appear, that can be a wasted potential for the campaign. 

Nobody wants that, right? So, let’s see the reasons why you are getting this error message.

Why Does TikTok Show Ads Out of Schedule?

If TikTok shows that the ads are out of schedule, that could be due to many reasons. Here, I have discussed what happens in each case.

Timeframe for the Ad has not started

When you post an ad to show up on TikTok, you attach a time when the ad goes live. Then, the algorithm will show your ad in the chosen audience segment. Before that time, it is unlikely the ad will play. 

Recommended action: If you do not see your ad, then this is the first place to check. Open the TikTok Ad Manager page and go into Budget & Schedule. Check the time that you set for your ad. You can change the existing time if the need arises.

Ad Not Reviewed

Every ad that is posted to TikTok does require an official review before it gets passed on for delivery. They have a set of rules and standards that every ad must abide by. So, one common reason is that the ad is simply waiting for approval before it is allowed to show.

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Recommended action: Usually, it takes less than 24 hours for TikTok to approve the ads. So, check back after 1-2 days, and the ad should be ready. 

TikTok account under review

This is more of an issue for newer accounts. TikTok will verify your account before you can post ads. And that takes 1-2 working days normally. This should not be an issue if you have an old account and have pushed out ads through it.

Recommended action: To check the verification status, go to Basic Information under Account Setup in the TikTok account manager. The app will tell you the account status here. Check back after 24 hours, and the verification should be complete.   

Balance Running Low in Ad Account

You will need to allocate some budget for your ads. As it runs out, TikTok will stop displaying any ads. In Fact, your balance running low is one of the key issues why the ads are no longer showing up. 

Recommended action: To check your TikTok ad account balance, click on Payment and go to Summary. You can see the remaining balance here. Once it becomes zero, you need to transfer some money to this account. This will ensure the ad expenses are met, and it will be run again.

Ad’s Lifetime Balance Reached

TikTok allows you to set limits on how much you spend on ads. This helps one to allocate the money and set up budgets. Once this limit is reached, the ad will no longer show.  

Recommended action: If you have imposed any such limitations, it is a good idea to go and check this. Open Settings under Tools and scroll down to Daily and Lifetime Budget. If this amount is exceeded, your ad will no longer run. 

You can change this value and increase your allocation for the specific ad campaign. You can control this from your end, but note the amount that you spend, as there can be budget constraints for each project.

You are in a different Timezone

Your location plays an important role as you determine which demographic to target for your ads. This usually means setting up a timezone that TikTok uses to deliver the ads.

Recommended action: If you are in a different timezone, set the correct time for your audience. To view the timezone, navigate to Tools > Account set up > Basic Information and make necessary changes if needed.

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How do I change my TikTok ad schedule?

You can change your TikTok’s ad schedule using the TikTok Ad Manager. Here you can set a different starting time, based on which the ad will feature in a different time. 

To do this, open TikTok Ad Manager and login using your email and password. Once you are in the dashboard, expand on the Ad Campaign from the left pane. From here click on Budget and Schedule.

Click the Calendar under Schedule and select the new time and date for your ad. After you choose it, TikTok will start to show the ad using the new timeframe.     

Frequently Asked Questions

What does insufficient amount mean on TikTok?

It means that TikTok was unable to complete the transaction as your account balance was not enough to cover the advertising costs. Before making the payment, check how much it will cost you to run ads and keep your account’s balance accordingly. 

How long does it take for TikTok ads to start spending?

It usually takes 24 hours for an ad on TikTok to complete its review process before it starts spending from your account. TikTok makes sure every ad on its platform meets its standards and conforms to its guidelines. Then, the ad can be viewed from anywhere. 

How much do ads cost per 1,000 views on TikTok?

TikTok ads cost $10 per CPM (1000 views). For every click (CPC), the charge is $1. If you want to run an ad campaign, then the minimum amount that you can spend is $500. This increases as you choose a wider demographic and greater audience.

How long does it take for TikTok ads to process?

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It usually takes 24 hours for ads to process on TikTok. Sometimes it can take less time than that, but most ads are reviewed between 1-2 days. Once the ad gets clearance you will be notified through email or a notification in the ad manager.

What is the time limit for TikTok video ads?

The time limit for TikTok ads is from 5-60 seconds. But they recommend you keep it between 9-15s to make the most impact among your audience. Also ensure they do not exceed 500 MB to keep the loading time short and make the ad play fast on your device.

Why is my TikTok ad active but not delivering?

If your ad is active but not delivering, check if the ad is relevant and not marketing outdated content. Also ensure the ad does not violate TikTok policy. Finally check that the ad account has sufficient balance and you have set the correct currency based on the region it is displayed.

Final Words

Now you know what to do whenever you get an out-of-schedule message for TikTok ads. As someone working in an advertising agency, it likely means your ad has exhausted the remaining balance or it has not started running yet. 

So, take the necessary actions mentioned in this article and get your ad campaign on track. 

And with that said, it’s time to say goodbye.