What Does a Child Specialist Dentist Do?

Floss Dental is an exclusive pediatric hospital in Delhi, which caters to all oral healthcare needs of kids. A company believer in the philosophy of Dental hygiene, Floss Dental offers a comfortable, pleasant experience of dental treatment for kids through some of the most experienced practitioners available in Delhi. With pediatric services including dental braces, teeth whitening, dental sealants, tooth extractions, dental implants, and routine teeth cleaning, the center also offers comfort to children through the services of the latest technologies available in the field of dental treatment. “Dental Clinics – Offering the Best for Kids” says Dr. Deepti Goel. In this article, we would discuss some of their key services that provide the best care to children with dental disorders. Read on to know more.

Cosmetic dental treatment: Cosmetic dental treatments are carried out by experts to improve the appearance of a child’s teeth and smiles. Restorative services are offered to restore the appearance of chipped or broken teeth. The treatment includes crowns that fit perfectly on the existing tooth. The services include bleaching of teeth so that they sparkle. Teeth whitening and bleaching take about three to six months to show their results.

Pediatric services: The services of a dentist for kids may include treating problems associated with teeth, gums and jaw structure. A pediatric specialist may treat children suffering from such disorders as congenital heart defects, cerebral palsy and spinal cord damage. Specialty pediatric services are offered under the National Health Service Act. Under the provision of the act, child specialists are qualified to treat such conditions as Down syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and various other disorders affecting children of certain ages.

Early diagnosis and treatment: The services offered by a professional are given more importance than the treatment that is given at a later date. In the case of children, special attention is given to their diet, nutrition and other habits and lifestyle. Specialists usually help in identifying the right treatment that suits the child’s needs and prevent dental emergencies.

Pediatric services include assessment and prevention of diseases through proper diagnosis and treatment including monitoring the child’s growth and development. The child specialist may recommend that the child undergo a dental check up before his/her first teeth are extracted. This helps in early detection of any orthodontic problem that might affect the functioning of the child’s teeth later.

Pediatric dentists perform a series of services besides providing treatments for dental problems. They provide preventive services through promotion of brushing and flossing and also provide advice on the benefits of fluoridating the teeth. These specialists help improve the oral health of a child by recommending the use of appropriate orthodontic appliances. They also encourage children to follow a regular routine of teeth cleaning and examination and to develop and maintain a healthy eating habit. A child specialist often coordinates with primary care providers and takes them through a specialized process of teaching and encouraging teeth maintenance.

It is important to choose a child specialist dentist in Delhi carefully after ensuring that the qualification and experience of the individual are reliable. The specialty of specialization of a specialist dentist makes them different from general practitioners. Child specialists need to have had additional specialized training after taking up specialization in teeth care. There are several ways of verifying the qualifications of a specialist dentist; one way is to check whether he has achieved any other specialised diploma or degree such as an orthodontic assistant.

If the child specialist has chosen not to gain a specialized diploma, he may still get training in other areas of child health care. Such dentists who prefer to work independently can take continuing education courses, such as dental assistants training programs. The duration of a pediatric dentist course varies from two to four years. The success of this program depends on whether the student is able to learn new techniques and how to apply them to practice. The program is recommended for those wishing to change their career and opt for specialist services of teeth care.

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