What Causes Liver Cancer? Signs and Treatment

The liver is the main detoxifying organ of our body and performs important functions of keeping the body harmless. It is the largest glandular organ present in the upper right side of the abdomen. All the blood of the Digestive tract passes through the hepatic artery to get filtered.

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The filtered blood then passes to the rest of the body. The liver is known as ‘Clearing House’. It detoxifies all the chemicals and drugs in the body. All the metabolism is happening over here. People lack knowledge related to their liver, its functions, and its diseases.

A few months back, when I worked under the best gastroenterologist in Islamabad. I attended to many patients with different liver diseases. People themselves were not aware of those disorders and completely dependent on the healthcare staff. The diseases of the liver that remain untreated can cause chronic symptoms. Some of the most common diseases of the liver are:

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Hepatitis viruses causing hepatitis A, B, C
Liver cancer
Autoimmune Hepatitis
Biliary Atresia
Acute Hepatic Porphyria
Among all these chronic diseases, liver cancer is the one most common and to which most of the people are perile. We’ll discuss the causes, effects, and treatment of liver cancer together. The knowledge I gathered through that work is lifelong and will benefit always.

What is Liver Cancer?
Liver cancer can arise in any part of the liver. The cells of the liver called ‘hepatocytes’ get affected by it. Cancer can be developed in the liver’s own cells or came through any other organ through metastasis. So, there are two types of liver cancer.

Primary liver cancer
Secondary Liver cancer
Causes of Liver Cancer:
The studies on liver cancer have ended over some of the common causes leading to deadly carcinoma. A few of the causes are as discussed below.

A Chronic or a long-term infection with hepatitis B or hepatitis C.
Dealing long-term with Cirrhosis.
Some inherited liver diseases involving genetics like hemochromatosis.
Being susceptible to Aflatoxins
Consuming more alcohol
Suffering from Diabetes
Early Diagnosis Of Liver Cancer:
Whatever a disease might be, an early diagnosis is always beneficial. If we’ll keep on intermixing our liver problems without stomach problems, then there’s nothing bright. We have to educate ourselves about every specific part of our body and its regularities. For the early diagnosis, the knowledge about the signs and symptoms of the disease assists more than anything. A few of the most habitual symptoms regarding hepatic carcinoma are as follows:

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You may face jaundice ( skin and eye whites turning yellow)
Feeling a lump on the right side of the abdomen is a sign to ponder
The feeling of being lazy and energy-less
The color of feces and urine turns yellow or paler.
You don’t feel hungry anymore. My appetite is lost.
Skin is turning irritable.
Sudden loss of weight without any physical effort.
Flu-like symptoms are also seen in some patients.
Stabbing pain at the site of the lump.
Facing some problems in food digestion.
Effective Treatment of Liver Cancer:
After being diagnosed or noticing the symptoms, the turn of treatment comes. A good and effective treatment is a necessity for any mild or chronic disease. The type of treatment depends on how much the disease has been spread. In the case of hepatic carcinoma, the few ways of treatment I came across are as follows.

The removal of a part of the liver is called hepatectomy. The part of the liver having excessive cancer cells is removed surgically from our body. I assisted the surgical removal of the liver part while working in Amanat Eye Hospital, Islamabad. This method can’t be utilized if the cancer is metastatic and present in all the cells.

Liver Transplant
A liver transplant can be done surgically if you have a live donor. Furthermore, if the tumor size is too large and spread, over transplant can’t help a lot in that case. The disease may get worse in waiting for the right time to get the donor’s liver ready for transplant.

Radiation Therapy
In radiation therapy, high-energy X-rays, microwaves, or other particles are used to destroy the cancer cells. Sometimes, the side effects occur on the lungs and stomach. But certain precautionary measures can be helpful in preventing side effects.

There can be more ways of treatments too but these are the most reliable ones. Preventing such diseases is helpful because secondary cancer can’t be treated well, it’s already spread. Primary liver cancer can be cured because it is early detectable.

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