What Can I Do When I Lock My Keys in The Trunk?

When you have locked your car keys inside the trunk, it is not a small problem that you need to deal with. Losing sight of your keys is simply not a small inconvenience, it is one of those mishappenings that you don’t want to happen with you ever. If you have already faced a situation like this, you must have a good idea of how it feels like to get out of a lockout situation.

It is quite stressful when you try to open the lock of your car without keys. If you have no idea how to open the door of your car when you are stuck in a situation like this, this article is for you. You just have to learn a few hacks and try to open the door yourself, so that you can save your precious time. Otherwise, there is no other option left than making some calls to emergency locksmiths in Victorville, CA.

Learn These Car Unlocking Hacks

Given below are some of the hacks that you can use to open the lock of your car. Once the car is unlocked, you can further use the interior locks to open the trunk.

Use Your Shoelace

If you are wearing shoes with laces, you can surely use this hack. You just have to learn the technique and you can easily open the door lock. If you are trying to open your car lock for the first time with a shoelace, do not freak out because it takes time. You just push the laces gently into the door lock and try to form a loop there. Once done, just pull it up and your door will be opened.

Try A Tennis Ball

If you are wondering how to open with a ball, here is how you can use this hack. You will first have to make a hole in the tennis ball and then put it over the keyhole. Now what happens is the air force from the ball helps you unlock the door of your car. If you are unable to open the lock of your car, keep reading because there are some ways to open the car lock. Learn and help yourself get out of a lockout situation as soon as possible.

Try Using A Hanger

Using a coat hanger is another powerful car door lock opening hack. If your car keys are locked inside the trunk and you are unable to open the car, you can use this hack confidently. However, this method is used only for horizontal locks. You just have to get a coat hanger, untwist it, and make a hook so that you can loop it around the lock. Once it is there, pull it and you will be able to open the lock without the key.

Not A DIY Person? Always Have One Spare Key

If you are not one of those people who can use any of these hacks and open the car, it would be always wise to have a spare car key with you. This is the only easy solution to open your car door at the time of emergency. It would be best to give your spare key to someone whom you can trust. If you have a partner, leave your spare key with him so that he can easily reach you whenever there is an emergency.

No Spare Key? Call A Locksmith

Neither you have a spare key, nor you can open the car with household items, you are left with no option except to call an affordable locksmith in Victorville, CA. These car locksmiths have the expertise to even open a car deadbolt and recover your keys from the car trunk. Manipulation of interior car locks is not a big task for them and they can easily manage it. No matter if you have a complicated deadlock system inside your car, an expert locksmith can easily manipulate it to open the trunk of your car and get your car keys.

How to Open the Trunk?

Given below are some of the options to open the trunk once you have entered the car but the car keys are still locked inside the trunk.

Use the Trunk Release Button

Once you have opened the car door with the help of a spare key, the next task is to open the trunk. Depending on the model of the car, you can have it opened with the help of a trunk release button. This button is located inside the car, and it provides an immediate solution to the problem. Even if there is no spare key, you can try pressing the release button either through an open door or a half-opened window.

Fold the Car Seats

If there is no trunk release button inside your car, you can try folding the rear seats. Sometimes this helps and you can easily wiggle your way into the trunk. However, not every car offers this type of access, and to make use of this option, again you are required to first have the access to the interior of the car.

Break into The Trunk

This is your last resort if you are unable to open it through any other option. For this, you would have to use the back seats of your car. This last resort is somewhat expensive because in most scenarios the back seat is completely damaged and you have to get a new one.

Final Say!

Having your keys locked in the trunk is quite a serious issue how much does it cost to rekey a lock. Make sure this never happens to you and if it does, do not hesitate to take the help of experts.

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