What Are Window Decals and the Options Available?

Window signage and graphics is now the vogue of the age, and there are various methods adopted to do the same. You can now custom cut signage on vinyl sheets and directly apply it to the windows. You can also make vinyl banners to cling on to the windows or as self-adhesive stickers. These will not damage your glasses, and it is also much easier to remove these later once the purpose is served. Vinyl decals are available in various sizes and styles to choose from based on your needs. These are also fully customizable, and so you can make them work exactly the way how you need them for your business.

Types of vinyl window decals

The type of vinyl window graphics a business may use vary largely based on the graphic’s location and objective. The durability needs are also taken into consideration for vinyl stickers and decals. The types of window decals and graphics a business may use depend largely on where it is placed and how long you are planning to leave it in place. Some best examples of the type of window decals popularly used as below.

Transparent vinyl films

Transparent vinyl window decals are see-through materials and they are a great choice for promotion. Ensure that you print the message to attract customers easily.  These can be printed on with graphics or text. While applied to a transparent window, only the colored portion will be visible and can give you a unique appeal to the viewers.

Translucent vinyl films

Translucent films are also similar to that of transparent window films but are designed to be effective with backlit, making them visible to the spectators during nighttime.

Perforated vinyl films

These are one-way visible films, so with perforated film, people can see outside of the window, but not inside. Using such films for window decals, you can decorate the exterior of the window with a graphic, but the small hole will make it visible for the people inside the exteriors’ building. Perforated films are ideally used on vehicle windows, like car window wraps or passenger buses.

Opaque films

These are fully opaque, and you cannot see through them. They are in different solid colors, including white. Text graphics can be printed onto the opaque vinyl and can cut into different shapes of letters and graphics. These can be made in the form of self-adhesive stickers and applied to any smooth surfaces.

Crystal films

Crystal films are like frosted glass, which can be used to make very effective window decals. These can ensure privacy and can also work well on the interior windows. For example, you can cover the window of your conference room or private cabin with crystal film so that people will not be able to peep inside.

You can make custom decals in any form as letters, graphics, or custom images. You can also cut phone numbers, email IDs, or URLs using vinyl sheets and stick them easily to the windows.

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