What are the main Benefits of Joining NDA after 12th Standard?

NDA (1) EXAM 2021 is scheduled for the month of April 2021. Every aspirant is busy in preparing for the upcoming NDA exam.  NDA exam is conducted to recruit a minimum of 12th passed candidates to train them to become Commissioned Officers in the Indian Armed Forces. It is the only exam in the world that offers an opportunity for the senior secondary passed candidates to join any of the three wings of IAF.

Candidates join NDA Coaching In Chandigarh or nearby their location to get an opportunity to serve the nation. It opens an opportunity to join all three wings of the Indian Army i.e the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. NDA offers influential and the finest career opportunity to the younger generation of India.Candidates who join NDA after passing 12th standard are relieved from college life. They get the golden opportunity to join NDA for training which opens their gateway to a prestigious career. Graduation takes three to four years from their career path as most of the government job exams are open to graduates. NDA offers the career option ahead of it which is a golden opportunity for 12th pass candidates.

Let us discuss some benefits of joining NDA after the 12th standard to give an eye-opener to the millions of 12th pass candidates of our country.

1. Financial independence

NDA offers career openings at an early age. It brings financial independence to a 12th pass person. People hardly get a lucrative and prestigious job after 12th. Government job exams such as SSC CHSL, MTS, etc. are open for 12th pass aspirants. Although they offer secured jobs yet not as prestigious as the NDA exam.

2. Attractive training

Candidates who qualify NDA exam are given training with attractive benefits like best food, and best guidance to become a responsible Army Officer. During training, they are given all the comforts and rigorous training to face the challenges of the armed forces. It gives a feeling of pride and one enjoys it. Although the training period is long yet not tiring as one sees a silver lining at the end of the tunnel.

3. It notifies the highest vacancies

The number of vacancies is highest as compared to other government job exams such as SSC, CDS, TGC, etc. Candidates should take full advantage of the opportunity by joining NDA Coaching In Chandigarh or a nearby location. Prepare diligently for the exam to ace in the first attempt and enjoy the benefits. Try to get a high rank in the merit list of NDA EXAM to enter into the first training slot.

4. Effective training to make an efficient and vigilant officer

The training period after the qualifying NDA exam for all the cadets ranges from 4 to 4.5 years.

For Army Cadets 3 years training in NDA and 1 year at IMA

For Naval Cadets 3 years training at NDA and 1 year at Naval Academy and

For AF cadets 3 years training at NDA and 1 to 1.5 yrs at AFA Hyderabad

This training period is the best as it is under the supervision and control of the government of India to train the future warriors for the Nation. It develops the personality and soul of the cadets to become a perfect gentleman to face the challenges bravely.

5. Candidate enjoys the best lifestyle of the cadets

The lifestyle of cadets is very intelligently carved to give the best training, the best food, and the best guidance. Mentors and guides are retired army officers who share their experiences with the trainers. They motivate them to face difficult and challenging situations with calm and courage.

6. The Best opportunities in future

The career path of NDA Commissioned officers starts from a trainer to Brigadier and above. One joins as a trainer and retires with a senior grade officer. The promotion avenues can be understood from the chart given below

S.NoPromotion from a minimum cadreDuration for promotion
1LieutenantOn Commission
2Captain02 Years
3Major06 years
4Lieutenant Colonel13 years
5Colonel(Selection)15 years
6Colonel (Time Scale)26 years
7BrigadierOn Selection
8Major GeneralOn Selection
9Lieutenant GeneralOn Selection
10GeneralOn Selection

This chart shows the encouraging promotions avenues and the years it will take to promote to the next level.

After looking into these benefits of joining NDA every 12th passed candidate must have been motivated to prepare for the exam. Join the best NDA coaching center in Chandigarh or elsewhere to grab the prestigious career of our country. Be the pride of your family to serve the nation!!!

Jai Hind!!!!

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