What Are the Best Time Tracking Apps for Consultants?


Time is money, which is why you need to make the most out of it. Consulting businesses and freelance consultants want to ensure they give their fair share of time dedicated to a client. It will help them get compensation for their work while improving transparency.

If you want to keep track of your consultant timesheet, you should consider using an app. You can find various apps that make the time management process easy. Are you wondering which app is the best for consultants? Well, we will discuss the best time tracking apps in this article for consultants.

Quickbooks Time

One of the best apps to track time for consultants is Quickbooks Time. It offers you a wide range of features at reasonable pricing. Quickbooks Time application also enjoys a high rating with many positive reviews, making it a preferable choice for consultants.

Also, you can boost its capabilities by incorporating the PSOHUB, which will help you leverage the application in the best possible way. Let’s go over some features it offers.

Core Features

  • It allows you to automate your payroll processes.
  • You can create a timesheet or an invoice for the time you have tracked.
  • Allocate time budgets and keep an eye on the project‘s progress.
  • Create time schedules for employees.
  • Simplify your workflow by assigning the work shifts.
  • Use their GPS and Geo-fencing features.
  • Track time through their mobile or PC.


Another exceptional app consultants can use to track time is Clockify. It is a free mobile app that you can use regardless of the company size. The paid version of this app comes with several handy features.

The app can easily integrate with PSOHUB to give you access to features, such as resource management, while you can track your time. Below are some of the best features of this time tracking app.

Core Features

  • Easily track your billable hours.
  • Use automatic timers or manual timesheets to log your hours.
  • Access your time records through its interactive dashboard.
  • Allows integration with a plethora of third-party applications.
  • Create an invoice through the app to charge clients as per the hourly billable rates.


If you want to find productivity and time tracking features in one app, you should choose RescueTime. This app is a one-stop solution to help you generate comprehensive reports about your time usage.

Moreover, by integrating it with PSOHUB, you can manage your projects and effectively track time on your tasks. Here are some core features of RescueTime.

Core Features

  • You can track time using the automatic time trackers.
  • It allows easy integration with various third-party project management tools.
  • Sets restrictions for particular sites you can stay focused.


Harvest is a custom time tracking tool designed specially designed for consultants. It enables them to create invoices and has plenty of other handy features. Plus, integrating it with PSOHUB will allow you to track time while enjoying the exceptional features it offers.

Core Features

  • Monitor the check-ins and checkouts of your employees
  • Generate invoices for the consulting hours
  • It gives you a complete analysis of the time login and logouts.

Final Thoughts

Time tracking creates transparency among consultants and their clients, creating a long-lasting relationship with them. You can use any application in this article to stay on top of time tracking. Most importantly, these tools allow integration with professional service automation software.

You can avail the features offered by PSOHUB by integrating them with these applications. Doing so will help you get distinctive features such as invoice management, CRM integration, and much more in one place.

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