Nowadays, making any kind of presentation on paper is no longer in use because it is impossible to make an impressive and interactive presentation on paper. Currently, you need to equip your presentation room or board room with audiovisual devices.

People can make their presentations on their laptops and showcase their presentation skills with videos and audio clips to make their presentations attractive and impressive. It will help you to drive more sales as you can describe your products and services to your clients within a short span of time. It will save your time and you can increase your sales.

Reasons to use multitouch hdi screens:

You can replace your old projector and screens with multitouch HDI screens because such screens are designed with 20 touchpoints. These screens are sleek, and you can easily install them on your wall. Apart from that, multitouch HDI screens are compatible with android 8.0 and you do not need to use any drivers for the same. You can easily install such screens in your offices and use them with plug-and-play technology. These screens can work with any operating system including Windows, OSX, and Linux.

  • You need to buy multitouch hdi screens have 4K resolution and they are designed with optical IR technology. You can adjust their backlight and the wide format of these screens can help you to interact with your clients. You do not require your laptop or desktop to relate to your projector to navigate your pages or slides, because you can touch the screens to explain your products and services.
  • Apart from the corporate offices, these multitouch hdi screens can be used in educational institutions and government offices. We need to maintain social distancing and other safety protocols during this pandemic period, and most of the offices, schools, colleges, and universities are conducting their classes and meetings online. In this case, you can simply use such multitouch hdi screens in your home to conduct your classes and meetings.
  • Along with that, multitouch hdi screens are equipped with some pre-installed interactive apps and you can use them for your presentation. You do not need to use any additional sound system for these screens because these HDI screens are designed with in-built sound bar.
  • You can search for multitouch hdi screens online and choose the best one that offers at least 5 year on-site warranty. Most of the manufacturers offer free wall-mount brackets with their HDI screens and you do not need to buy any additional accessories for the same. You can simply buy such screens online and install them in your home or offices.
  • There are ample numbers of I/O ports available in these screens, so that you can connect these screens with your devises with UBS cable or media cable. You will find another port for PCs and you can use it to connect your laptop or desktop with the screen.
  • You can also use multitouch hdi screens as a presentation board. You are probably using white boards to give your presentation in your office. Replace such boards with these screens and you can simply use your fingers to write and mark something on these screens. Apart from that, these screens can rotate 178-degree angle and you can move your screens to any angle as per your wish.


If you do not want to use your laptop or desktop to give your presentation, then just save your presentation files in your pen drive and use it directly on your multitouch hdi screens. It will read your drive instantly and you can use the touch screen to navigate and access your files.