What Are the Advantages of Actionable Competitive Strategies

What Are the Advantages of Actionable Competitive Strategies?

The strategy has been quite the buzzword for about a decade now! Top executives tend to ponder upon strategic objectives, and through the tides of time, the strategies have been aligned to meet the growing needs of the industry.

A competitive advantage can create greater value for a company and its shareholders. The advantage exists when an organization sustains profits exceeding the industry’s average. 

It enables firms to create superior value for customers and profits for themselves. It helps to beat the competition and win over customers.

The higher the competition, the more difficult it will be to keep up. Hence, a few actionable competitive strategies must be followed to gain a competitive advantage in the field. 

What is an actionable competitive strategy?

A competitive strategy is an action plan developed by a company to achieve a competitive advantage over the competition.

A competitive advantage offers greater value for a company and its shareholders because of its strength over others.

It helps companies to be market leaders in the field. Competitive advantage promotes better profit margins and improved market control. 

A competitive strategy is essential when a company has a competitive marketplace with several similar products available for customers.

The strategy allows you to generate a superior return on investment. The strategy refers to research, planning, or tactics that help to increase the market share.

The strategy involves several functions, including product development, advertising, promotion, customer service, etc.

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For a more detailed understanding, a competitive strategy online course can be of help to aspiring leaders.

Advantages of actionable competitive strategies

Competitive advantage is the edge that a company has over its rivals. The primary goal of the competitive strategy lies in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge.

It identifies and assesses the strategies to scrutinize the strengths and weaknesses of your products and services. Let us explore the top advantages of actionable competitive strategies. 

Develops a unique selling proposition (USP)

The top reason why an individual chooses the brand is primarily due to its unique selling proposition (USP). A thorough competitive analysis offers an insight into what makes their brand different from the others.

The best way to do so is by comparing mission statements, integrations, products, services, and everything else which might yield different talking points that the brand can leverage over the competition.

Your USP defines you and sets it apart from others. When you have a strong USP, it helps to communicate your brand to your audience. 

Whilst formulating your product’s USP, it is essential to implement the key elements such as the following: 

  • Uniqueness 
  • Positive and engaging 
  • Hard to imitate 
  • Must be easily understood 

In the digital sphere, a strong USP can catch and keep the audience’s attention. Specialized strategies such as interactive visuals, a storyline, and other attractive elements can be introduced to ensure that it remains in customers’ minds.

It must also communicate the value of the product or service to your audience. Identifying the unique selling proposition is one of the most important steps that one can take in the course of consistent business growth. 

Cost leadership

The primary goal is to become the most efficient producer, and the traditional way to produce low-cost products is by being a large-scale supplier.

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When your company produces products at a lower cost than your competition, you can establish a selling price that the rivals cannot duplicate. To be the lowest-cost producer, you can practice the following: 

  • Boost the levels of productivity 
  • Leverage the bargaining power for the customers to negotiate 
  • Use technology more effectively 
  • Decrease waste 
  • Train employees better 
  • Decrease downtime for machines 


The differentiation strategy is how you make the firm stand out from competitors in the field. It highlights the meaningful difference between you and the competitors, making your business more valuable in the eyes of the target audience.

This strategy aims to offer customers a variation of a product or service of higher quality. 

The ability to differentiate products varies depending on the product’s characteristics, such as style, design, and performance.

However, without a sustainable cost advantage, it can be challenging to keep up with the strategy for a long.

If you are still doubtful about creating the differentiating factor, gaining knowledge from a corporate strategy course might help. 

Promotes organizational learning 

You can keep your company ahead of the competition by encouraging and fostering learning. Actionable competitive strategies promote learning within the organization. Learning today has become a vital competency that organizations require to thrive. 

This also helps firms to respond and adapt to the turbulent environment of the business. Learning takes place at three levels in an organization: individuals, groups, and institutions.

Institutional learning occurs when employees gain knowledge, develop skills and adopt beliefs, enabling organizations to succeed.

The process of searching for knowledge and disseminating facilitates the company to learn from prior mistakes and improve processes over time. 

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 Focus strategy 

This is typically an advantage for small-scale businesses that decide to focus on selected customers. This helps companies avoid competition with larger organizations and makes way for a target market, wherein a specific market is targeted.

A focus strategy centers on expanding marketing tactics for the company and aims to establish a unique relationship with the target audience. 

Furthermore, a focus strategy enables firms to establish sound expertise about the goods and services. Rivals and new entrants might find competing challenging with organizations adopting a focus strategy.

It enables organizations to become recognized experts in the market by creating and marketing products intended for a specific market. Create a strong business-focused strategy to accelerate conversions and growth. 


Achieving superior margins and generating higher value is no longer a constraint for organizations. Organizations can produce goods or deliver services better than their competitors with competitive strategies.

It all boils down to making the right strategy that offers a competitive edge over others.  In today’s competitive business markets, knowing how to surpass competitors is essential.

Learn the strategies under the guidance of experts to acquire maximum returns and minimize errors.

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