Wejo Revenue

In the modern era, data is the most important asset that allows a business or organization to establish baselines and goals to keep moving forward. With the development of the automotive manufacturing industry, they are generating huge volumes of data every few seconds. Thus, the importance the combining the connected vehicle data constantly increases.

In this regard, Wejo comes in the top row. It is the leading company that streams real-time high volumes of data directly from the automotive manufacturer.

Plus it is incredible in providing software and technology solutions to various market verticals. That’s the fact, businesses and organizations have a high interest in investing in the Wejo Group Limited. 

Let’s explore the in-depth factors of Wejo revenue, capital, services, competitors and recent updates across the globe. 

What Type of Company is WEJO?

Wejo is a public automotive data company that is generating connected car data, insights, and analytics solutions. It is basically a data & analytics provider that connects a wide array of vehicle manufacturer sensors into a data exchange platform.

By analyzing and processing data, it enables the customers and auto manufacturer partners to live insight analytics. Currently, this giant provider is holding about 14.6 billion near-real-time data points and 66 million journeys across a connected network of about 10.7 million live vehicles.

Here is a short overview of the industry-leading car data marketplace:

TypePublic Company
IndustryAutomotive Data
Traded AsNasdaq: Wejo
FounderRichard Barlow 
HeadquartersGreater Manchester, England, UK
Market Cap$74.45M
Shares Outstanding108.59M
EPS (TTM)-$3.5490
Price to Earnings Ratio-1.35 [Up to 2021]
SectorsAutomotive & Transportation, Technology, Application Software, Monitoring, Sensors

WEJO History

Wejo is listed as one of the prospective billion-dollar-valued firms in the UK and across the globe. In 2013, the company was founded above a Greek restaurant in Manchester. Richard Barlow is the Chief Executive Officer at Wejo who is managing all aspects of the business.

Earlier, Wejo was started up by General Motors and now it is the largest individual Wejo Group shareholder, owning about 17.30% of the company. But recently the company has gone through a SPAC merger which is set to raise $330m for Wejo.

According to PitchBook of General Motors, Wejo had able to raise up to $157 million which was truly admirable. Since its development, Wejo has gone through 3 rounds of successful funding. Wejo opened its second headquarter in Greater Manchester, England, In November 2019

Who Owns WEJO?

The Wejo Group is now holding about 35.62% of top-level institutional shareholders. Plus 36.59% is from insider ownership and 27.79% is owned by retail investors. But the General Motors Company is now the largest shareholder which owned 26% of the shares outstanding.

Let’s have a glimpse of the top 10 owners of Wejo Group LTD with their share held and market value:

StockholderShares OwnedTotal Value
Tikvah Management LLC2,538,3722,233,767
BlackRock Fund Advisors2,106,8601,854,037
Lansdowne Partners UK LLP846,994745,355  
The Vanguard Group, Inc.722,077  635,428  
SSgA Funds Management, Inc.675,043  594,038  
Geode Capital Management LLC605,923  533,212  
Corbin Capital Partners LP509,591448,440
Northern Trust Investments, Inc452,864398,520  
Saba Capital Management LP366,217  322,271  
U.S. Bank NA335,530  295,266

What Does Wejo Offer?

There are four major services that Wejo offers across worldwide business owners and developers. For this instance:

Journey Intelligence

Wejo collects millions more data from the connected live vehicle and then translate the data points into easy-to-read insights. Through analytics and insight, the user can easily go through all the major factors of the vehicle like travel times and speeds across every road section.

In such a way, the business owners or vehicle manufacturers can able to figure out the actual lacking, problems and the way to solve them through technical innovations. 

Traffic Intelligence

Wejo translates raw data from various connected live vehicles into insights volumes, flows, speeds, and congestion. Wejo makes these insights in easy-to-navigate and quickly digestible formats that easily be integrated into any BI and GIS tool.

Plus these insights help the organization to make smarter decisions and transform the future of the traffic system. 

Vehicle Movement

Wejo provides the complete dataset about where the vehicle is moving and traveling to, which helps to manage congestion and plan for major events. Plus it generates information about how many cars are on the road at the moment.

Driving Events

Apart from the vehicle details, the Wejo data helps to understand how the cars are moving and figure out the related problem going through it. It provides data on parking space as well as when it is in high demand, peak times, the arrival time per house and many more. 

Where Does Wejo Get Its Data For Good To Build The Future Of Mobility?

Wejo enables smarter mobility by organizing nearly real-time data-driven of over 50 million connected vehicles through data processing from the OEMs and satellite navigation systems every three seconds.

The processed data gives clear insights into the age-old road problems that include road safety, congestion, reducing accidents, new techniques in optimizing parking, pollution, emergency services, and so on.

Basically, they collect billions of data points from millions of connected cars by streaming at various scales and speeds. Then it delivers data with an update interval of 40 seconds and even less than that. But at times Wejo may encounter various challenges that result in struggling with data collection.  

It used MapReduce clusters whose functions depend on the amount of data to be stored and processed. As there is a larger data collection in processing, this would result in delays for the newly installed the right Python modules. It would result in slow performance as well. 

How Does Wejo Connected Car Data Support You?

Wejo is regarded as the global leader in the case of organizing, protecting, and enhancing mobility data. From the expert recommendation, it is going to change the world through innovation empowerment in the public and private sectors and our way to travel and live.

As the world’s leading automotive manufacturers are the exclusive partners with this system, thus there left no question about data authentication. That means Wejo is superior to mobile and static mobility data that is offering significant accuracy and quality.

Most importantly, it recognizes the transportation patterns and conditions and figures out whether it is easy for fluent driving. Besides, its data helps to identify new roads and routers, making an opportunity for consumers to identify many more new routes.

The process helps the driver in finding the parking spot more easily, for which you can get an amazing and hassle-free transportation experience.

Apart from this, the Wejo data is incredible in solving various problems. Collecting real-time data from the million more live vehicles around towns and cities, supports erasing a wide array of road problems and increases the road safety of each passenger for the most part.

Is Wejo Group A Good Investment?

Yes! Definitely! Due to having larger earnings and revenue, investment in Wejo is certainly one of the wisest and most profitable decisions. The strongest part of Wejo lies in its Growth.

From the latest statistics of the Wejo stock up to March 03, 2023, the market cap history of Wejo Group had reached about $70.5 million, ranking 29th in the worldwide Business Support Services industry. So Wejo Group LTD is good for stocks with the maximum return.

But from the last 12 months’ revenue survey, you will find a significant change in the overall earnings. A variety of factors are responsible here including inflation, the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain constraints and geopolitical issues. All that major factors increases higher inflationary pressures on the consumer.  Go through the below earning summary of Wejo from the last years.

 Q3 FY2021-2022Q3 FY2022-2023
Net Profits$-25.65Mn$-31.47Mn
Net Profit Margins-7307.69%-1224.36%

Plus, the price/sales ratio of this larger company is 11.9 which has gone down 161.6 over the last 26 months. Nevertheless, Wejo Group is a solid choice for investors for the upward trend in earnings estimates. 

What Is The Target For Wejo Stock?

Based on 1 Wall Streets Analysts from the last 3 months., The average price target for the upcoming 12 months is about $1.50, with a high and low estimate of $1.5. That means it has 118.79% upside potential which is a change from the last price of $0.69.

On the contrary, according to the 2 polled investment analysts, the highest analyst price target is about $4.00 whereas the lowest forecast is $1.50. The median estimate is $2.75 which is about +303.58% higher than the last price of 0.68.

Where Can I Buy Wejo Stock?

To start with the Wejo LTD group, first, you’ll need a reliable brokerage account to access the market. It will enable you to buy and sell a number of investments whether it is stocks, shares or mutual funds, or ETFs.

You will find a wide array of brokerage available in the market that let you access the sharings. For this instance, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best brokers from which you can buy Wejo Group Ltd.

Robinhood- Best For Beginners

You can go through the most popular Robinhood brokerage, a good fit for beginner investors. It offers extremely low costs which a beginner investor can easily afford.

Plus, Robinhood’s trading experience is fast, secure & quite user-friendly which appeals to investors for easy-to-buy and sell stocks of Wejo Group LTD. 

Webull-Best Promotions Broker

Webull is always in the top ranking as a no-cost broker. This brokerage company offers commission-free trading in stocks and ETFs with exchange-traded funds. It is highly recommended for intermediate traders who are looking for all-in-one features for their next Wejo investment.

Moreover, Webull comes with historical stock prices, best promotions and in-depth market analysis for the Wejo Group LTD.

Public.com- Best For Commission-free Trading

Public.com is listed as a reliable and legitimate broker that is registered with FINRA & SIP. The broker is highly recommended for the Wejo investment due to offering a great pricing structure with very low trading fees or commission charges.

This will be an appealing option for beginning investors who desire to do hassle-free investments in Wejo Company. 

How To Buy Stock In Wejo Group?

Go through the step-by-step instruction to start a buy stock in Wejo Group:

Step #1: Find A Broker To Buy Wejo Group stock

As for the first step, you will figure out where to buy the stock for Wejo Group LTD. For this instance, you need to go through a brokerage account where you will do your invents. We have already suggested some of the best brokers for the Wejo group to choose from. 

Step #2: Open A Brokerage Account

Once you have determined a broker, the next step is to register your account by providing your essential credentials. Click you “Create Account” button and confirm your submission.

Step #3: Fund Your New Account

Before heading to buy the stock, you will have to transfer money into your new brokerage account. Transfer money via a bank transfer system. Or you may use the debit or credit if it is applicable for that specific broker.

Step #4: Look For The Wejo Group Ltd

Once you have set up your brokerage account, it is time to search for a stock of Wejo group. 

Step #5: Execute your WEJO Purchase

After you have done a Wejo Group Ltd stock on your broker, now you have to buy shares of that stock. Depending on the timing, the process of the shares will differ. Either you can go through the market order or the limit order.

A market order is good for newer investors where they will get the stock at the best possible price. Or, choose the limited order to buy or sell a share at a limited price. 

What Are The Alternatives Of Wejo? [Top Wejo Competitors To Know!!!]

Looking for the best alternative options for the Wejo Group LTD? Let’s walk you through the top competitors of Wejo that may prove well for your next investment:


Lacak is an Automotive IoT data provider company, which headquarters is located in Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia. It provides Vehicle Location Data, Automotive Data, and Commercial Vehicle Data.

Lacak is serving over 100 enterprises and SME logistics companies where over 3,000 lives vehicles are connected to the centralized Lacak.io cloud. From outstanding performance, Lacak is definitely a go-on suggestion as the alternative to Wejo. 


Selenium is one of the world’s leading autonomous driving software companies. It has the ability to transform the vehicle platform into an autonomous vehicle.

It has developed software for real-world applications that can easily be installed onboard a vehicle and ensures full autonomy to a land-based car.

Blue Mail Media

Blue Mail Media is the top-ranked marketing solution provider that is highly popular to promote exclusive marketing campaigns.

It exclusively maintains a rich data repository of over 100 Million business records and updates. Thus you can conveniently choose this provider as the alternative to Wejo Group LTD.


Bufte is another highly popular dataset provider from the live vehicles of over 800 state sources. It makes the easiest ways to view, analyze and deliver economic and financial data. The provider is always being the top competitor and alternative to Wejo.

AWS Connected Vehicle Solutions

AWS or Amazon Web Services provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals. It enables a large range of automotive manufacturers and suppliers that will process and analyze connected vehicle data. AWS ensures the secured connection of the vehicles and devices to the AWS Cloud, proving itself a reliable alternative to Wejo. 

Revenue History For Wejo Group From 2021 to 2022

According to the latest financial report of the Wejo group, the current revenue (TTM) of the company is $6.12 M. The last year, it was about $2.56 M.  It is the total of the income statement generated by the company from the sale of goods or services that are subtracted to arrive at net income.

Annual Revenue
2022 (TTM)$6.12 M138.54%
2021$2.56 M 

Market Cap History Of Wejo Group From 2021 to 2023

Market capitalization is basically known as a market cap that refers to the total market value of a trading company’s shares of stock. The market cap history is calculated by multiplying the stock prices by the total number of outstanding shares 

According to different sources, Wejo Group has a market cap of $70.81 Million on last Mar 6th, 2023. As per this market cap history, Wejo has ranked in the 6742nd position as the most valuable company across the world. Let’s take a look at the market cap prices of Wejo 0f the last few years:

YearMarket capChange
2023$70.81 M35.45%
2022$52.28 M-91.86%
2021$0.64 B 

Wejo (WEJO) Stock Forecast

Let’s have a glimpse of the earning and sales forecast of Wejo up to the last quarter:

WEJO Earnings Forecast

The last quarter’s EPS of the company was -$0.30. The next quarter’s earnings forecast for WEJO is -$0.24 with a range of -$0.28 to -$0.20. That means Wejo beats its earnings estimates 0.00% of the time in the past 12 months. But the overall industry beat earnings estimates 62.34% of the time in the same period.

WEJO Sales Forecast

The Wejo sale forecast for the next quarter is 4.10M with a range of $3.50M to $4.70M. In the previous quarter, which was $2.57M. The company beat its sales estimates 33.33% of the time in the last year whereas the overall industry beat sales estimates 64.92% in the same period.

Latest Updates Of Wejo Group From Around the Web

Here are all the latest news and updates of the Wejo Group LTD which may be highly effective for investors in evaluating WEJO as an investment opportunity.

Wejo Group Limited Announces Resignation of Diarmid Ogilvy from Board of Directors

Recently, Wejo group limited announced that Diarmid Ogilvy has come to a deal for personal reasons from the Company’s Board of Directors. From the statement of the Wejo CEO, Richard Barlow, Diarmid is always highly influenced by Wejo.

He has been influenced by his invested experience with Wejo in both the public and private equity markets. Richard Barlow also stated that Diarmid’s entrepreneurial spirit and fervour for investing in this great company are truly admirable.

He also expresses his gratitude to him saying that his large investment will be far helpful to differentiate the Company and guide its strategic direction. 

As a Chair of Grind Holdings Ltd, Diarmid Ogilvy also feels thankful for attaching himself as a major part of such a driven leadership team. He also expressed that their vision is creating a global leader in the Smart Mobility space through Wejo., And to be soon they are partnering with some advanced businesses in the world, like  General Motors, Microsoft, Palantir, and Sompo.

Wejo Expands Its Fleet Coverage With Premium German OEM Support

On February 28, Wejo has come in collaboration with the Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH. This collaboration and integration between Wejo and Mercedes-Benz will create a milestone in the entrance of Wejo to the management market. Basically, it will enable Wejo to generate connected data of live vehicles for participating cloud-connected fleet vehicles in the E.U.

After receiving the data from participating Mercedes-Benz fleet vehicles, it will proceed through Wejo’s ADEPT platform. Then, this data will allow the FMS and TSPs to generate data from embedded OEM hardware instead of the aftermarket hardware only for supporting the fleet services.

Samuel Vals, head of international partnerships at Optimum has exposed his high excitement to insight into the direct action of OEM through this collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services and Wejo.

 It will not only leverage the driver’s performance but far helpful for investors in reducing exposure to liability and protecting their investment. 

Wejo Announces Successful Milestones in the Business Combination Process with TKB Critical Technologies

In earlier January this year, Wejo Group Limited has come into a business deal with TKB Critical Technologies. This is the first milestone with the TKB through this proposed business combination. TKB’s shareholders sit in a meeting on Friday, January 27, 2023.

In the meeting, TKB claims that they are able to retain $53 million in its trust account by TKB shareholders. In the meeting, the CEO of Wejo states that the growth of their company was up to 200 to 300% in 2022 which will same continue in 2023. He also added that their business combination with the TKB will bring the best potential outcome for both companies shareholders.

Wejo Wins 2022 BIG Innovation Award

On January 18, 2023, the global leader in Smart Mobility announced that Wejo has become the winner of the e 2023 BIG Innovation Awards. This award was presented by the Business Intelligence Group. Since its establishment in 2014, Wejo is in a hard mission to unlock the value of connected vehicle data, stated Richard Barlow, founder and CEO of Wejo. As for their long-term hardship, this award was just an honour and inspiration that the company will continue to expand such innovation and ideas in future.

Wejo Announces Data Agreement With Toyota Motor North America

Recently the Wejo Group LTD completed an agreement with Toyota Motor North America. This agreement will allow Wejo to provide the live vehicle data for participating cloud-connected fleet vehicles in the U.S. The main mission of this agreement is to capture Wejo’s profit at an estimated $61 billion by 2030.

And this Wejo receives will be generated from the Toyota fleet vehicles through processing the data by Wejo’s ADEPT platform. Plus it will allow the fleet owners and fleet management service (FMS) companies to utilise data from the OEM hardware instead of the aftermarket hardware only to support the fleet services.

In Closing

Wejo is the global leader in cloud and software analytics for autonomous mobility. It transforms and interprets historic and real-time data of connected and electric cars, enough to revolutionize the way we live, work and travel.

With its versatile services, Wejo creates a smarter and safer world for all by organizing trillions of data points from approximately 14 million vehicles with more than 20 trillion data points. According to the latest analysts’ average price target, Wejo reaches up to 116.92% upside potential. Thus it is wise to invest in Wejo stock.

 Well! That’s all from us about the Wejo Revenue. Hope that there should be no queries left over on where and how to buy stock for the Wejo Group.