6 Ways of Weight Loss Using AI Technology

As an adult, it can be very hard to find the time and motivation to workout. While the gym can be a good option, but not every one of us can afford a hefty monthly fee. Besides that, you also need to find the right balance between diet and exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can be the biggest reason for contracting deadly diseases.

So, instead of paying a huge nutritionist or trainer fee, you can benefit from the latest AI technology to stay active. Back in college, I wasn’t able to afford the gym subscription. Therefore, I subscribed to very affordable Spectrum Internet and used the high-speed Internet to download the best AI fitness apps. Since then, these apps and a few gadgets have been enough to keep me in shape.

Though the goal of this article is to discuss on how to lose weight using AI. But we want to tell you something else as well. Yes, it is true that AI is a blessing and we can use it in a fantastic manner. But no method can stand a chance in front of the natural ways like Yoga.

And we think if you do not have enough idea on yoga, you should go through our article on: Best yoga books for beginners.

Below are some of the amazing applications of AI that will make you get in shape as well.

Intelligent Home Gym

Tonal is the smart AI machine that uses an electromagnetic field and its two arms to allow you to perform all kinds of exercises. You need to have adequate space on a wall to mount it. It can help you to build strength and lose weight by working on your metabolism side by side. 

With the help of Tonal, you can make the most of your workout. Just choose a session or a coach from the library and start working out. The machine will keep checking your speed and rigor from time to time and will increase resistance slowly to build your stamina.

It also keeps a record of your fitness routine and keeps adjusting workout plans to help you reach your goals easily. Although this technology is quite expensive, it can put an end to all your gym fee troubles.

Turn Your Mobile Into a Personal Trainer

If you don’t want to spend a hefty sum on a machine, you can download apps like Kaia to stay in shape. It uses your mobile’s camera to monitor your form and can help you master the squats. It does so by informing you about the imperfections in your posture and showing you the ways in which you can perfect it. While it is an app for squats only, many other apps for a range of exercises can be expected to enter the market soon.

Ensure Good Health

Currently, there are many apps in the market that can detect your health and count your daily steps. But apps like Fitbit and Apple may be able to detect irregular heartbeats and diabetic signs in the future. Soon, these apps will be able to keep your medical records and make personalized workout and diet suggestions for you.

Increase Your Speed 

Now there are such smart wearables available that can get connected to your shoes or legs. These can record your movement and use this data to provide your guidance and cheer you on. These can also help you slowly increase your speed and stamina through regular exercise. So, this device will act as a personal coach to inform you about your exercise quality and the ways you can adopt to improve it.

Many smartphone accessories are also geared towards helping people live a healthier lifestyle. For example, smartwatches like the Apple Watch or the FitBit can keep track of things like your heart rate and steps walked on foot. You can set fitness goals, like walking 10,000 steps a day, and keep track of them at any point in the day. This can help motivate you to reach your fitness goals for the day, and keep you on track for your fitness journey.

Build Your Strength

Apps like Fitbod monitor your speed and rep count during a workout session. It uses this data to devise a personalized plan for you to help you increase the speed and strength from the next session onwards. So, this app acts as a personal trainer to help you build your muscle strength and workout speed effectively. Many apps also include helpful instructional videos on how to correctly execute specific exercises. You can use them to ensure your form is correct and you are getting the most out of your workout energy. Over time, this can contribute to better muscle and strength gains.

Improve Your Yoga Sessions

If you are struggling with your posture alignment during a yoga session, the Nadi X pants are perfect for you.  It records your posture and movements during a yoga session and uses this data to improve your posture. We might see more clothes like Nadi X in the market soon.

Although we are talking about AI, but books can never be replaced. To learn yoga as a beginner, you can always go for the best yoga books for beginners.

How AI Will Revolutionize the Fitness Industry in the Future?

Here are some of the ways in which AI will ensure fitness and change the fitness industry in the future:

Personal Nutritionist

Soon such apps will be available that will be able to keep track of people’s eating habits and daily calorie intake. Such apps will make personalized diet plans and help people adopt a healthy lifestyle through these.

Reduced Costs

In the future, the personal trainer will provide their services through online platforms and apps. This’ll reduce equipment and customer service costs.

Improved ROI

Through smart AI technology, the fitness industry will offer a range of fitness equipment and gadgets on online platforms in the future. This’ll reduce customer service and marketing costs and will generate more ROI for the fitness industry.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Through smart use of AI technology, the fitness industry will be able to select their niche easily. Moreover, the data gathered will help companies in managing their products to suit customers’ needs. In this way, more personalized products will help in increasing customer satisfaction. The AI can deliver personalized customer service based on information like previous searches, browsing history, and related products. The result is a more efficient customer service experience relevant to the customer’s needs.

While AI apps and gadgets are quite helpful, they can be equally expensive as well. Therefore, being a subscriber of the versatile Spectrum TV, I have been accessing amazing on-demand fitness videos for a very reasonable price for quite some time now. These channels along with the right AI apps have helped me stay physically fit since then. I’ve recommended this affordable solution to my friends as well.

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