Weight Loss Tips: Eating Slowly Could Help to Lose Weight

We’ve all had moments when we’ve been so ravenously hungry that we gobble a meal or snack without even tasting it. Experts in the U.K. are using some pretty high-tech gear (two climate-controlled, whole-body calorimeters, for starters) in a lab dubbed the “flab lab” to study weight… most recently looking at eating speed and if eating slowly might contribute to losing weight.

Whenever I give someone weight loss tips, I suggest them to eat slowly whatever they eat. For any weight loss meal plan, it is necessary that we consume the food slowly and enjoy our weight loss diet.

Scientists are hoping the state-of-the-art unit will help them to explore how food, exercise, medication and sleep all impact weight. 

While they agree it’s all well and good to advise people to eat less or exercise more, that message obviously isn’t getting through. Science needs to know more about what’s going on in order to help people. People who are obese cannot live on a small amount of food.

It is not that they need the very amount of food, but the matter is they like to eat more. It is a state of mind. If they take the weight loss tips of eating slowly then they will be mentally satisfied as they are consuming food for a long time. And they will lose weight quickly as they are eating less amount food for a long time. 

We do know that almost a third of U.S. adults and about 17% of children and teens are considered obese. Over the last two decades, there’s been a dramatic increase in the numbers of obese in this country. You May have missed:

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Obesity is now on the rise throughout the rest of the world, even in low and middle-income nations, and has long been linked with some of the most serious health problems. So undoubtedly obesity is one of the largest health issues.  So many of us are regularly looking for weight loss tips, weight loss diet, weight loss meal plan etc.       

The two linked units the researchers use in the “flab lab” allow monitoring of movement, breathing, what subjects eat and excrete. They come complete with a fold down bed, a toilet and sink, and a desk with a computer.   

Volunteers can work, surf the net or watch TV programs or movies during their stay. Hatches have been built into the door and walls so food can be delivered, blood tests can be run, and equipment can be hooked up without impacting the atmospheric bubble in the unit.    

One of the first experiments the researchers ran involved the eating speed, how it might change hunger levels and the rate the energy is burned off. Eating slowly can burn a large amount of calories and can grow a habit of eating less.      

Participants in the study will spend three days in one of the whole body calorimeters in the lab… an air locked compartment that can make some very precise calculations about how much energy is burned.      

On the first day of the experiment, participants ate lunch in ten minutes, for the second day they’re instructed to make lunch last 20 minutes, then on the last day they’re allowed 40 minutes to eat their mid-day meal. Researchers control the speed of consumption by dividing foods into individual portions and delivering them to the subjects 5-minutes apart.      

At the close of each day, appetite levels are monitored by participants being offered a wide selection of food and told to eat whatever they want. Study participants report the time in the sealed unit is confining but not boring. Eating more slowly seemed to increase one’s appreciation for taste, but the final results of the experiment won’t be available for several months yet.      

Other research out of Japan has suggested that eating slowly might just limited the appetite and reduce the risk of diabetes. The folks at the flab lab want to see if they can duplicate these findings under more carefully controlled conditions. Gaining even a small measure of understanding about obesity could prove useful as more and more adults (and children) are becoming obese.      

It is important that it be comfortable and quiet. A cozy setting where you can sit down to eat (you should avoid eating sitting on a sofa) that invites you to focus and enjoy the food consciously.      

To illuminate the dining room, it is recommended to use lamps that give a light of soft tones that can generate a relaxing atmosphere. Two useful alternatives are the floor lamps and the ceiling lamps with overhead lighting that also save space. Lighting has a great impact on our mindset. Many of you may consider it as less important!!! But let me tell you. Researchers are emphasizing more on it. So be sure to follow this weight loss tip.      

The soft and slow ambient music will also help you relax at the time of your meals, because it helps create a good atmosphere without distracting.

You will avoid distractions. It is also not convenient for you to read the newspaper, check your work notes, browse the tablet and, above all, keep your mobile phone away from the table: break the rhythm of the meal, alter the tranquility, interrupt conversations.       

Arrange the table in a practical way, but that allows you to get away from the rush and worries. To do this, place a nice tablecloth, simple cutlery, and crockery that fits. It is also very stimulating to put a vase with fresh flowers, even some candles that make the atmosphere warmer.      

Eating should be a pleasure in all aspects. Therefore, even if you do not consider yourself a chef, try to prepare the preparations in an attractive and colorful way to delight yourself with the act of eating. You can see these Healthy Recipes to Lose Weight Fast      

Place a clock on the table. Look at the time and give yourself at least 30 minutes. The key is that all the food last all that time.      

You will imagine that sitting at the table anxious or hungry will make you eat much faster. These weight loss tips will help you to do it calmly:

  • Weight loss tip 1 Sit down to enjoy the meal: Eating standing leads to doing it faster and unconsciously. To enjoy the food, relax and sit watching the posture. Place the feet flat and parallel and align the column. Relax the abdomen and keep it that way throughout the meal.
  • Weight loss tip 2 Use the fork and the knife: And throw them between bites, placing them next to the plate. This simple gesture will help you to enjoy more of the food, since you will be able to focus more attention in the mouth, giving you an account of the pleasure that each one of the bites that you ingest suppose.
  • Weight loss tip 3 Take small bites: Prepare the dishes with the food in large portions, but then cut it with the knife and fork. Make it into small pieces and chew each bite at least 20 times. You will be satisfied sooner with what you will finish less amount. Include foods like avocado. As calories in avocado is very high it will make you feel contented soon.
  • Weight loss tip 4 Serve in a bowl instead of a plate: In it there is less quantity but it remains with volume and well disposed. If it is blue or greenish, you will eat less (they are tones that do not stimulate your appetite) and you will not go to serve “clear” foods like pasta: when contrasting with the crockery they “fill” before.
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