Website Builder SEO vs. WordPress SEO: Which One Is Better?

Are you wondering whether you should go for website builder SEO or WordPress SEO? Well, we have a quick solution for you! While both these SEO platforms are fantastic on their own, they work best for slightly different audiences. Some might prefer taking the help of a WordPress SEO agency, while some might use website builder SEO themselves.

If you need advice on which SEO is better, you have arrived at the right place! So let’s get started! In this article, we will discuss both the SEO platforms, which one works for which websites, and which one is better.

Which One Is Better?

Want the truth? Well, we think it’s not about which one is better. The actual question should be which one is better for you. In the battle of Website Builder and WordPress SEO, both these SEO platforms have fared very well, and it is pretty challenging to choose which one is better. So we think you should select the one which is better for your website – anything that gets you ranked on the first page of Google!

Website Builder vs WordPress
Website Builder vs WordPress

Which has better offerings

Website Builder SEO

Website builder SEO has always been a cheap yet effective way of building one’s website – but it never guaranteed 100% success. If one uses a good-quality website builder, one will access a wide range of quality built-in SEO tools that can help boost rankings.

WordPress SEO

On the other hand, we have WordPress SEO which has a more technical and more hands-on approach to SEO – it has more advanced SEO tools, perfect for more experienced users. While it does take more effort and time, one will have the complete control of their website’s SEO in their own hands. Some will love this control over their SEO, while some will find it incredibly intimidating.

What To Choose and why?

Website Builder SEO

So if you want our advice, choose what is best for your company. If you are a novice who has never worked with SEO as such, you are much better off using website builder SEO. It has all the SEO basics you want in an SEO platform that is perfect for small businesses and casual users. Their tools are also well-tuned for beginners – it has all the necessary resources, how-to’s, and wizards to help you work it out!

WordPress SEO

Again if you have a big business that needs to gain a great deal of traffic from the internet, contact a WordPress SEO agency. This platform is precisely suitable for experienced individuals – you can have everything in the palms of your hand, and you can tweak them as you wish! It also does the basic and advanced SEO tasks, from keyword linking and image optimization to improving mobile usage and content structuring.


The best way to choose a “better” SEO platform between a website builder and WordPress is to go with your website’s most useful. So check out both these SEO platforms, find out the one with all the tools you need, and get hold of a good Website Builder or WordPress SEO agency! Go for something with all the features and tools you are looking for, and you are good to go!

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