Web Marketing: Definition

Web marketing is the way a business uses the Internet to start or develop a business. It is, therefore, the application, in digital form, of the company’s marketing strategy. Web marketing thus brings together marketing techniques (such as 4P marketing mix), advertising, and all communication strategies based on the web.

The Internet is a compelling communication channel because it allows one to reach a large audience. Website, social networks, email campaigns, etc. There is no shortage of ways to address customers and prospects on the web. However, to target your customers effectively on the Internet and ensure financial benefits, it is imperative to work on your web marketing.

Therefore, the objective of web marketing is for the company to seize the development opportunities made possible by the Internet. This by using the right communication platforms and tools, the right tone, at the right time, and to the right audience.

To develop the broad lines of their web marketing strategy, a leader can ask the following questions:

  • What is my offer? Am I selling a product or a service?
  • What presence should I adopt on the web? What type of website do I need (showcase, online store, etc.)? What networks do I need to be present on?
  • How to address the public? The tone used and the values ​​disseminated on social networks. The proximity established with the public (responding to the majority of comments, for example).
  • What actions to put in place to sell? Launch or redesign of the website, email campaign, contest on social networks.

The Advantages Of Web Marketing

Compared to its traditional marketing counterpart, web marketing offers many advantages. The simple fact of using the Internet as a communication channel opens up a whole field of possibilities for a business wishing to start or grow.

Cost reduction

The communication budget on the Internet is generally much lower than a communication campaign with traditional media. A simple message on a platform like Twitter costs almost nothing to the company and can provide more substantial economic benefits than a traditional display advertising campaign.

Speed ​​of communication

Besides being financially less expensive than traditional marketing, web marketing is also faster to reach its customers. Web marketing activities, such as launching an email campaign, are often almost instantaneous.

A larger market

Since digital technology has no physical border, its customer base is not limited to its catchment area. Geographic and time restrictions are not a consideration on the Internet. An online store can deliver to any customer in the world while being open 24/7. Effective web marketing can therefore allow the company to benefit from economies of scale.

Gathering information and improving targeting

It is much easier to retrieve information about prospects and customers on the Internet than through methods that require a physical presence (questionnaire, interview, observations, etc.). Already because specific social networks make it possible to know the profile of Internet users who follow our activity and the feedback. User feedback, email opening statistics, and website visit statistics are all relatively easy data to collect and use to improve the company’s marketing targeting.

Customer loyalty

A company present on the Internet, especially on social networks, establishes a more intimate relationship with its customers than traditional communication channels. Being active on social networks and interacting with customers can only promote their loyalty to the brand.

Affirm the differentiation of its offer

Digital is a real boon to distinguish yourself from your competition. While your offer is not fundamentally different from others, the way you communicate about it is. Highlighting your customer service responsiveness, adopting an offbeat tone, or promoting a particular aspect of the offer (design, ergonomics, functionality) are just a few web marketing applications to differentiate yourself from your competition.

The Limits Of Web Marketing

Although web marketing can be essential depending on the activity of the company according to the web design agency, it has some drawbacks.

Strong competition

Unless you create a business or launch an innovative offer, there is a good chance that one or even several direct competitors are already present on the Internet. As in any market, the players established on the web seek to block the development of newcomers.

Possible inefficiency

Like traditional marketing, a bad web marketing strategy costs more than it pays. Implementing costly actions, such as advertising or paid search campaigns, can be ineffective and affect business activity.

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