Ways to Promote Public Health in Your Community

The United States is currently facing a host of public health crises. Between an active pandemic, rampant gun violence and weaponized disinformation campaigns, there are many areas in which public health could use some improvement. So, if heightened public health is an important issue to you, why not get out there and start enacting the change you’d like to see in your community? As you’ll find, when it comes to public health, change starts at home. 

Help the Immunocompromised 

As difficult as this pandemic has been for the rest of us, it’s been even harder for people dealing with compromised immune systems. In addition to many seniors having immune systems that have become less resilient with age, a large number of younger people suffer from medical conditions that result in compromised immunity. So, if you know anyone with a compromised immune system, volunteer to help them weather the COVID-19 situation in any way you can.

For example, if setting foot in crowded public spaces represents a considerable risk for an immunocompromised loved one, you can provide them with peace of mind by running certain errands for them. Picking up groceries and getting prescriptions filled are just a couple of the vital errands you can take care of for friends and family members struggling with compromised immunity. 

Additionally, if any of the seniors in your life struggle with modern technology, now is the perfect time to bring them up to speed. Showing them how to shop and complete other essential errands from the safety and comfort of home can reduce their risk of COVID-19 exposure by a considerable degree.  

Volunteer at Local Charities 

You’re liable to find no shortage of charitable causes within your community. Volunteering at local soup kitchens and food banks and collecting donations for various charities are among the most common ways you can give back. Even if you lack sufficient time to volunteer for the aforementioned causes, you can at least contribute to them. Regularly donating food, clothing and other essential items can prove tremendously helpful to struggling families and individuals. 

You can also help the immunocompromised and the less fortunate by donating blood. If you’re unclear on how to donate blood, get in touch with a well-known charity or local medical center.    

Get Vaccinated and Lead by Example 

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing and infection numbers on the rise in many parts of the country, it behooves every responsible citizen to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. Unless you’re dealing with a medical condition that precludes you from vaccination, getting your COVID-19 vaccine is an integral part of protecting public health. Regardless of how concerned you personally are about the threat presented by COVID-19, it’s imperative that you realize that you’re not the only person impacted by your decisions.

A single unvaccinated individual can kick off numerous infection clusters, potentially causing numerous deaths. The COVID-19 vaccines are free, safe, readily available and highly effective at preventing serious and fatal infections. So, for the good of yourself, your loved ones, your community and public health as a whole, get vaccinated and stay current with boosters.  

In addition to getting vaccinated, you should encourage vaccine-hesitant friends and family members to do so, as well. If someone who values your opinion sees you getting vaccinated, they may decide to follow by example. Furthermore, do your best to encourage any unvaccinated individuals in your life to do the right thing. Parents should take note that children aged five and over can now get vaccinated in the U.S.

Not only should you get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, you should also stay current with other vaccines. Getting your annual flu shot, for example, can help prevent you from getting seriously ill and go a long way in protecting public health. 

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Although there’s never a time where public health isn’t important, it’s particularly vital at the current time. With so many individuals and communities facing a growing assortment of crises, all of us need to think about what we can do for our respective neighborhoods, cities and townships. Even if you’re unable to enact change on a massive scale, there are many ways you can do right by your community. Anyone dedicated to the advancement of public health should consider the measures discussed above. 

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