What are the diseases caused by water pollution?

You must have heard that drinking contaminated water causes many diseases like diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, jaundice, liver infection, malaria, vomiting diarrhea. And here we are discussing the diseases caused by water pollution (water borne diseases).  

What are the diseases caused by water pollution?

In this article we will tell you about some major water borne diseases and their treatments-  

  • Vomiting-diarrhea (dysentery).
  • Typhoid.
  • Encephalitis (Japanese fever).  
  • Malaria.  
  • Stone in Organs.  
  • Jaundice.  
Water Pollution
Water Pollution

Vomiting-diarrhea (dysentery)

This disease is caused by drinking contaminated water. It spreads more during monsoon. Vomiting-diarrhea (dysentery) and Dysentery is spread by bacteria called Vibrio colliery. In this disease, stool is thin like water. Have to go to the toilet again and again. This makes the patient upset. Problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, dehydrate the body. All the water comes out of the body.  

If the water is not pure then it should be boiled and drunk so that all the bacteria inside it is eliminated. Cleanliness should be paid more attention to avoid vomiting diarrhea. Pots should be cleaned thoroughly.  

Open and cut food should not be consumed in the market. In this disease, the amount of water in the patient’s body decreases. Therefore, an ORS solution should be given and medicine should be taken immediately from the doctor. Lemon, sugar, and salt should be mixed with water.


The disease is caused by drinking water containing bacteria and by consuming contaminated foods. In this disease, fever occurs, body aches and patient lose appetite. Fever can occur up to 104 degrees during typhoid.  

To avoid typhoid vaccination should be the primary step. In this disease, the patient should consume beverages like water, juice, milk more and more. Coldwater bandages should be applied on the forehead to avoid fever. Coldwater bandages should also be kept on hands.    

Encephalitis (Japanese fever)

The disease is caused by mosquitoes born in contaminated water. It is also known as Japanese fever, meningitis. In India, this disease is spreading its legs fast. In this disease, symptoms like high fever, loss of appetite, weakness, vomiting, stiffness in the neck, sluggish health, hyper sensitivity are seen. Encephalitis causes swelling in the brain.  

This disease can prove to be fatal. Hence treatment should be taken from a doctor immediately. Contact with dirty water should be avoided. If dirty water has accumulated somewhere around the house, it should be covered with soil. This disease is mainly caused by mosquito bites.  

Therefore, pressure spraying should be done to kill mosquitoes. All out, mosquito repellent incense sticks should be installed in the house. Mosquito nets should be used at bedtime. Children should identify the entire clothing so that mosquitoes cannot bite. In addition, encephalitis should be vaccinated.


The disease is caused by the bite of a female Anophyllage mosquito. Dizziness, fever, cold, breathlessness, cold, fainting are the main symptoms of this disease. In this disease, the patient experiences a very cold when there is a fever. The body temperature goes up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have this disease, a doctor should be consulted immediately.  

To avoid malaria, it is necessary to avoid mosquitoes. Things like mosquito repellent incense sticks, black hits should be used at home. The windows should be netted so that mosquitoes cannot enter. Mosquito nets should be used at bedtime. Citronella oil cream should be applied to the body. Garbage should not be stored in the house.  

In the rainy season, such garbage gets flooded in mosquitoes, and mosquitoes are produced. Cooler water should be cleaned periodically so that mosquito does not breed in it. Chewing basil leaves is beneficial when there is malaria. This disease is detected by a blood test. In this disease, light food should be taken.

Stone in Organs

Drinking contaminated water causes kidney gallbladder stones. Small stones, rate particles continue to accumulate inside the body in the water and form stones. Many times a stone operation has to be done. Clean filter to avoid this disease. Filtered water should be drunk.


The disease is spread by drinking contaminated water. In this, the patient has symptoms such as weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, fever, headache, constipation, excessive tiredness, yellowing of the skin of the eye and urine. In order to avoid this disease, hands should be well prepared before making meals.  

The hands should be thoroughly cleaned after defecation. No flies and other insects are sitting on the food. In this disease, water should be boiled and drunk. Fresh cooked food should be taken only. Do not allow contaminated water to accumulate around.  

Cut fruits should not be consumed in the market on which flies are sitting. Jaundice also spreads when having sex with an unknown person. In the event of this disease, the doctor should take medicine immediately.    

Preventive Steps to be safe from disease caused by water pollution [How to prevent water borne diseases?]

  • Always drink clean water. Water-free from silt and sand should be consumed. Water should be filtered and drunk. Study everything you need to know about these filters and check for the best one for your home especially if you opt for one that needs installation. If it is not possible to clean the water, it should be boiled and drunk so that all its bacteria die. Water filter machines like Aquaguard, Kent can be installed at home. The stagnant water of the river or pond should not be drunk. It contains many bacteria.  
  • The hands should be thoroughly washed with soap after using the toilet. The hands should be well before cooking. Before eating food, hands should be thoroughly washed with soap.  
  • It is made pure by mixing bleaching powder in well water.  
  • By keeping water in a copper vessel, its purity is maintained. Water can also be purified by adding 2 grams of alum or a few drops of tincture iodine to a gallon of water. By filtering with charcoal, water can also be purified. Waterdrop is always recommended as a good purifier. You can definitely check it out.
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Water pollution is mainly the result of our carelessness and we can easily avoid these fatal diseases caused by water pollution just by becoming a little more conscious and careful. Water-borne diseases should be taken seriously and serious steps should be taken to prevent them.

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