How Do I Watch Live Tv On Kodi For Mac?

You have to know everything about Kodi and how you can watch the best on television from your Mac computer. With Kodi, you can enjoy series and movies, but you must learn how to use them completely. Find out how you can download Kodi on your Mac and how you can watch live TV.

How do you use Kodi on Mac?

Kodi has a very easy-to-use interface in which you will have all the options at a glance on the left side. This platform will present you with several sections on images, music, videos, system, and installed programs. When you have Kodi on your Mac computer, you have to move the mouse to one of those options.

You can select the best on tv in the “shows” section and bookmark your favorite series with one click. In the “favorites” option, you will have everything you have marked in programming to see again and again.

You can also browse Kodi from your Mac with quick shortcuts that you can configure to your liking. forprivacy said, You can store everything you want on TV by Kodi and enjoy it from your computer whenever you want. There are no limits to live streaming on Kodi from your Mac, although some TV servers require a subscription.

You can use the Kodi platform on other operating systems like Linux or Windows without any problem. What is attractive about Kodi for Mac is that its platform is renewed, making you have a better experience. The commands to use Kodi usually vary by the operating system, so you should inform yourself about it.

How do I download Kodi on my Mac laptop?

To have Kodi on your Mac laptop, you have to go to its official website. You can take no shortcuts to download Kodi, although you won’t have to pay anything to get it. You have to verify that you download the latest Kodi version to not miss out on its renewed interface.

The Kodi program requirements on your computer are minimal, so it will run well on any Mac version you have. The download may take a while due to your internet speed and the total weight of the program. You have to be patient to finally have Kodi and be able to install it on Mac.

This program where you can watch free and subscription TV is also available on Windows and Linux. You can also have Kodi from your Fire Stick to manage it from your TV in the room. The platform links very well with all devices and brings you stability in connection for live TV.

You can store the best streaming servers with Kodi, so you can watch your favorite movie as many times as you want. If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings, you can store the trilogy on Kodi to watch it at any time. This platform facilitates your experience in series and movies that you can manipulate at ease on your Mac computer.

How do I watch live TV on Kodi for Mac?

You can watch live TV using Kodi for Mac by completing some basic steps in the setup. Before proceeding to watch live TV from Kodi, you have to configure the platform in this way:

1. You have to download Kodi for Mac from the official website. When you have the program downloaded, you have to install it on your computer.

2. When you have Kodi installed on Mac, you have to start it, wait for the platform to load. You must navigate to the left side of the interface, select Settings, and click on “add-ons.” You will have to configure Kodi for live tv.

3. You must go to the “my accessories” box

4. You have to click on the option of “video player inputream.” This icon has a “+” sign

5. You must click on the option “inputstream adaptive” that is in the first box.

6. Click on “enable” found in the fifth option from the bottom of the platform. You must press the “ESC” key on your keyboard to go back to the menu.

7. In the option of “videoplayer inputstream,” you must click on “RTMP input.”

8. Select “enable” found in the fifth box

9. You must press the “ESC” key twice so that you are back in the add-ons menu

10. Select “PVR customers” you can easily view it because it has a TV icon.

11. Click on “PVR IPTV simple client”

12. Select the option to “configure.”

13. Press the option of “remote route” found in “location.”

14. Copy a URL in which you will have access to various IPTV, for example,

15. When you paste the URL, you have to click on “accept.”

Now that you have perfectly configured the Kodi for Mac, you can watch live TV with these steps:

1. You have to open the Kodi program that is located on the desktop of your Mac.

2. Go to the left section where the program settings are located and select the “TV” option

3. You must click on “channels.”

4. You must click on the channel that attracts you to have access to its live broadcast. You can change the channels at ease by clicking on the remote control icon in the right corner.

Common mistakes in Kodi for Mac

You may have some bugs or glitches on the Kodi for Mac platform due to a bad configuration. If you don’t enable access to live broadcasts on Kodi, it will never play you streaming. The first thing you have to do when installing Kodi is to go to your settings and enable the live option.

When you have Kodi with a fair configuration, you will enjoy these series and movies given by different providers. With the favorites selection, you can have a list of favorite series to watch whenever you want. Everything you bookmark on Kodi will be in the “collection” folder.

You can add everything to the collection folder on Kodi, just like you can remove movies you don’t like at will. You can also learn the special commands that Kodi has for Mac and thus have faster navigation.

With Kodi on your Mac laptop, you will not have problems with the platform’s performance because it does not consume many resources. You will not see your computer slow down, hang or freeze while using Kodi throughout the day.


To watch live TV with Kodi for Mac, you will need to do a quick setup in the program. You will enjoy the best television content from this program that is reliable and very stable in its transmissions.

Find out how easy it is to use Kodi for Mac and how you can take advantage of it for the live broadcasts you want. With a simple configuration and a few extra steps to access live TV, you can watch series and movies on your Mac.

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