Warning Signs Your Current SEO Agency Is Damaging Your Online Business Growth

There are chances that the Australian SEO agency you hired is damaging your search engine rankings. You trusted and invested in an SEO agency that is putting an act to do SEO thing, which is seriously old school and non-compliant….. so the dreadful rankings! 

Remember, Australian SEO Company Reviews do matter. So, make sure to do your due diligence before hiring or switching to a new SEO company.

Warning signs that the current SEO agency is not committed to its end of the bargain. An unprofessional and scam SEO company can dent your business to a great extent, so grasp the warning signs that you are with the wrong partner.

Follow up results are vague

Investigate what the SEO agency shows you. The SEO agency will offer some kind of report each week or month. If the company is unreliable then you will get – 

  • A Google Analytics report, which displays your search ranking and site visits data
  • A keyword report for which you rank and monthly search volume for every keyword.

Check to see if you are getting such reports from your current SEO agency. In reality, a good SEO company will show the content they are generating and publishing for your business. They will even show you the backlink reports because if they don’t then something is not right!

No strategy for social media marketing

Social signals are crucial for ranking because they are weighty measures, that search engines prioritize as your authoritative role within social channels. So, check –

  • How often does the SEO agency post content on your social media profile?
  • How do they measure engagement?
  • Are they doing this at the right time, when your target hangs on social media?
  • How about content flow through different platforms?

A good SEO expert considers all the above factors and creates an SMM strategy, which surpasses your expectations. 

If your current social media visibility is neglected then you need to think about hitting the current SEO agency!

Content created for search engines only

Creating search engine-friendly content only is the strategy of the past. Today, maximizing keyword density is damaging for the business. Google has gone smart for such below the belt tricks, so this can damage your long-term rankings. 

Short cuts are not acceptable. Write good quality content that is useful and helpful to the users. Engaging and interesting content that encourages sharing on social channels is rewarded by search engines. Today, user experience matters and that is content quality!

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Focus is on static content only

It means the SEO agency is ignoring long-tail phrases that comprise 70% of searches. Concentrating on static content and off-page for link-building will not better your ranking.

You need to include long-tail keywords with adjectives and locations like ‘best restaurant Australia’ or ‘best venue Sydney’. It is like speaking to an audience directly. To do this efficiently, you need a dedicated blog, where the target audience’s issues are resolved. You can demand a blog from your current SEO agency!