Voice Over Software: Why do you need it in your marketing stack?

Digital marketing has evolved over time and with the penetration of high-speed internet across countries, video has emerged as the best way to tell stories. Video is by far the most successful content type. Unless you’re making videos at speed and scale, it becomes difficult to stand out in a cluttered market.

As per Hubspot’sMarketing Statistics 2021, 83 percent of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads. The report also states that video is the second most-used content type on social media to increase audience engagement

When it comes to video, there are quite a few elements that make it so accessible and successful. One critical element is VoiceOver. Yes, the most well-made videos may also fall apart if they are missing out on a voice-over.  A solid video with a well-synchronized voice-over can enhance the retention rate of the core message in your communication.

Voice Over and Video Marketing: Why are VOs important?

Voice over can help connect to the viewer and share your message better. From the gender of the voice to the pitch and intonation, several aspects together can determine the mood of the content. Voiceovers can help evoke the right emotions in the viewer.

Here are the other top reasons you need to consider a voice over for your video:

Helps explore the language and dialects

With the help of voice overs, the same visual can cater to audiences around the globe. The advancement of technology and availability of speech and voice generators enable text to speech in a jiffy. This could be in the form of languages used or the local dialect that will keep the audience engaged.

Voice overs let you choose the emotions and their narrative style.

You can narrate the same story multiple times from different perspectives and emotions controlled by voice. It could be an educator reading a tale to a literature class or a parent reading to their 5-year old.

Voice overs are helpful in every field.

With the decreasing human attention span and the increasing demand for quality content, creators are widespread across professions and industries. An educator, marketer, or podcaster, is all creating different forms of content for a vast audience. A voice-over can hence play different roles. For an author, a voice-over could be a way of listening to their writing and visualizing. A marketer may want to reach out to customers with a presentation or branded video backed by a voice-over. A podcaster can create an audio avatar that their listeners resonate with and much more.

Why add Voice Over Software in your Marketing Stack?

Text-to-speech generators are what you should look for as a simple and scalable way to add voiceovers to your videos. Thanks to the evolved technology available, this is no more a cumbersome task. AI text-to-speech tools ensure an easy user experience and high-quality outputs. These tools need no training and can deliver the desired results in minutes not days.


Several exceptional voice-over artists are skilled and their experience is irreplaceable. For instance, one can never replace Morgan Freeman’s voice in Cosmic Voyage. But in the case of mass content production or capsule-size content at frequent intervals, an artist can be difficult to reach out to. This is where Voice over software comes to your rescue and saves businesses a sufficient amount of time, effort, and money.

Overcome language barriers

Content can cater to different geographical regions and it is vital to building a sense of familiarity. With businesses and industries looking to expand worldwide, one needs to find a way to produce voiceovers in multiple languages and dialects. This can nearly be impossible for a human. But this can be combated with voice-over software. A voice-over software lets you choose from a vast list of languages and hundreds of voices. A couple of clicks and a few minutes is all it takes to give you the outcome.

Light on your pocket

A voice-over artist does a brilliant job but it also brings to the table a long list of expenses. Apart from paying the artist you probably need to rent out a studio and the equipment to complete the task. In case of an error, the delay will cost you an increase in production time along with expenses. Most software is not free but they are worth it for the time and efforts saved without compromising on the quality.

Shorter production time

Text-to-speech software is programmed to execute specific tasks in a provided time. A tool will always let you complete your voice-over needs in a couple of minutes if not seconds. But with an artist, it can go up to several hours or even days. This can further increase the timeline of your overall content creation process.

Text-to-speech online/offline tools to checkout

Here are a few tools to check out for your text-to-speech voice-over needs. Each of these is suited for a different kind of user from a hobbyist to a pro marketer, ensure you explore these options before making a decision.


Murf is a voice-over-video app that lets you create high-quality professional voiceovers. Upload your voice recording or script to the tool and convert it into realistic AI voices. Murf lets you choose from over 110+ voices and 15+ languages. To convey the intent of your script, play with punctuations and emphasis. With Murf, you can convert your home recordings to impressive voiceovers. Its integrated grammar assistant ensures that you have a perfect script for all your perfect voiceovers.

Best Suited: eLearning, Branded videos, presentations, Explainer Videos etc.


Wideo is an online video maker that lets you convert text to speech and download it in an mp3 format for your voice-over needs. Wideo is one of the very few text-to-speech generator tools available for free. However, this is suited for beginners and hobbyists rather than marketers.

Best Suited: Video editors and beginner content creators.

Ispring suite

Ispring Suite is one of the early AI voice generator tools that let you convert text to speech. The tool is known for its extensive list of languages to choose from. It also lets you create interactive quizzes and dialogue-based simulations.

Best Suited: eLearning, video tutorials, and PowerPoint presentations


If you’re looking for a tool that can be used with your existing video editing tool then Speechelo is a great choice. It is compatible with most video creation software like Camtasia, Adobe, Premiere, and iMovie, to name a few.

Best Suited: Sales videos, Explainer videos

Capti Voice

Capti is an education-centric application intended to help individuals listen to different forms of documents such as pdfs and web pages, and digital books. Capti Voice is a great tool for people with conditions such as visual impairment or dyslexia.

Best Suited: eLearning, Personal growth and productivity videos