Vitamin C: Why we need it, sources and more

Easy to be found, ascorbic acid is present on any pharmacy shelf and promises to strengthen immunity. for a few times now, she has gained a replacement status. Now, it’s a necessary ingredient in most creams with the function of preventing premature skin aging and making it more radiant. within the list of foods, it leads most of vegetables, fruits and vegetables. See what vitamin C can do for your health and the way to incorporate it in your routine.

What are the advantages?

Vitamin C works as a crucial antioxidant vitamin, which participates in various metabolic reactions within the body, like pteroylmonoglutamic acid, phenylalanine, tyrosine, iron, histamine, metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and carnitine.

This vitamin is also vital in collagen synthesis, so it’s often present in collagen supplements. Collagen is essential for maintaining skin, mucous membranes, bones, teeth, and preserving blood vessels’ integrity.

Also, it also plays a fundamental role within the functioning of the system, since it contributes to the protection of cells against the action of free radicals, still as reactive oxygen species, which are generated by the inflammatory response. An antioxidant is additionally necessary for the correct functioning of white blood cells, their movement, elimination of viruses and bacteria, and wound healing.

How the treatment is completed

Vitamin C is found mainly in fruits and vegetables, like pineapple, acerola, orange, lemon, and peppers, for instance, and therefore the presence of those foods within the diet is significant to satisfy daily needs. Try the entire list of food sources of ascorbic acid.

The amount of antioxidants that ought to be consumed daily is around 75 mg per day for girls and 90 mg per day for men over 19 years old.

However, some people might have more massive amounts, like pregnant women, smokers, and folks using some drugs, which will impair this vitamin’s absorption, like contraceptives, antidepressants, and diuretics. Within the case of babies, children, and adolescents, the number is a smaller amount. It’s recommended that the doctor or nutritionist be consulted to regulate the vitamin replacement in these cases.

As ascorbic acid is often eliminated, its consumption must be daily by little through urine. Suppose the mandatory amount isn’t reached with food. In that case, it’s also possible to consume supplements with ascorbic acid, which should be advised by a nutritionist, so it’s not done guilty or in excess.

What is where to urge it

Popularly called vitamin C , water-soluble vitamin is present in some foods and might even be obtained through supplements (effervescent tablets, gum candies, tablets and liquid), without the necessity for a prescription . this kind of vitamin is significant for humans and desires to be a part of the diet because the body doesn’t produce it naturally . Therefore, the preference is that it’s initially ingested through food.

We list the most sources of the nutrient per 100 g serving. the perfect recommended daily amount is 75 mg to 90 mg. it’s even common to exceed this amount for the day, but there are usually no side effects. Some professionals warn that exaggerated amounts, greater than 1 g, can overload the kidneys, but there are controversies. Either way, rest easy, because it is unlikely to exceed this limit when eating.

Acerola : 1,506 mg

Camu-camu: 2,606 mg

Yellow pepper: 190 mg

Cashew: 258 mg

Kale: 103 mg

Orange : 90 mg

Tangerine (tangerine): 112 mg

Broccoli : 89 mg

Lemon: 110 mg

Pineapple : 93 mg

Melon : 105 mg

Strawberry: 94 mg

Tomato : 90 mg

Benefits of vitamin C

The main function of water-soluble vitamin is to assist protect the system against colds, flu and other diseases. But there are other roles that benefit health which reinforce the importance of the nutrient in our diet. Check out.

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Helps within the regeneration of injured tissues and bones.

Optimizes iron absorption and collagen production.

It can prevent the event of some carcinogens (nitrosamines) present in embedded foods.

It has antioxidant power, which prevents the action of free radicals, to blame for premature aging.

Helps lighten skin blemishes and evens skin tone – that’s why it’s become the darling ingredient within the skincare routine.

It preserves the health of the vision, because it prevents the degeneration of the macula, area of ​​the eyes that plays a vital role when seeing. Studies show that the vitamin is additionally ready to protect the eyes against the event of cataracts.

It can prevent strokes, because it balances the degree of collagen and elastin, which prevent the breakdown of clots and therefore the formation of plaque within the arteries.

Assist in moving the stock of fat and so its burning, because it participates within the production of carnitine, an agent that transports fats that grow to be fuel for the body.

Vitamin C keeps the stress away.

Vitamin C intervenes within the synthesis of molecules that regulate the transmission of nerve impulses (catecholamines) and stress hormones. It also stimulates the endocrine gland’s function and thus has an anti-stress, anti-fatigue, and generalized stimulus action both on a physical and mental level.

Tips to confirm nutrient benefits

As effective as water-soluble vitamin supplements are, always choose to get what your body needs through healthy eating, which offers other nutrients and ensures the proper balance of health. If this is often impossible, seek help from a nutritionist, who will assess the necessity for supplementation.

Prioritize the consumption of raw, fresh and cut food just before the meal, because vitamin C oxidizes easily involved with air. If you’re visiting cook them, steam them, because the nutritional loss is a smaller amount.

If you follow a skin care routine, invest in formulas that contain antioxidant. Some have the function of uniform skin tone, with about 10% concentration. Higher percentages, up to 20%, have the ability to lighten darker spots. In general, products of this kind protect the skin against premature aging, like the looks of wrinkles, fine lines and expression. When unsure, always consult a dermatologist to assist you select the simplest item for your beauty routine.

Naturally, this discovery doesn’t prove that the intestine has the facility to supply physiologically relevant amounts of vitamin C on its own, but with the assistance of this bacterial strain, proof is obtained that it’s possible for the physical body to provide ascorbic acid. they will be small, but producing them can help maintain our health. Lake of vitamin c also creat erectile dysfunction. Treat ed problem using cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200

Even if initially, this could be a giant step towards the event of a higher understanding of how we, kinsmen, have molecular independence, which must be studied so as to carefully analyze the possibilities that we’ve to reinvent ourselves.

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