Virtual Team Bonding To Level Up The Remote Work

The fear of Covid-19 has indeed pushed us inside the doors, forcing us to connect through a thin string called “internet”. Recently many companies have asked their employees to work from home to ensure their health and wellbeing but no matter how much one tries- creating a strong and mutual bond between the remote team is still a challenge. On the top, productivity is another concern companies have to focus on. Virtual Team Bonding activities is an effective way to boost overall productivity, communication and trust among the remote team.

The work from home is flexible and comfortable but what about the personal bond employees share over lunch or colourful charts? Virtual teams that lack a strong connection, often fail to deliver the required productivity or meet the goals. In this post, we have described virtual team bonding activities that can level up your remote work.

Virtual Team Building Games and Activities

The video element is the core of virtual team bonding but as your remote team is already used to interacting on a video platform, this won’t be an issue. The next thing you need to do is bring everyone online at the same time. We understand the majority of the remote workforce is scattered to different time zones but you can definitely come up with a time slot that is suitable for all. Now once done, you can proceed with the games and activities. Here is the list of things you can do during a virtual team bonding session:

Virtual escape room

There is a heist to steal $100 million. You and your team need to recover the money before it is too late. It is time to suit up as a team to solve some mysteries to recover the money. Virtual escape room games will help the virtual team to increase collaboration, problem-solving skills and connection as they will solve every mystery together.

Live remote office

Do you know why your employees are facing challenges to get into the workflow and motivation to work? Because, it is difficult for them to feel like they are working in the office- which of course affects their focus.

A live remote office as a virtual team building activity will help your employees to enjoy the office feel without physically being there. How does it work? Well, at the beginning of the day you host the virtual team meeting at the usual time when the office starts and team members can join the call. This chat room can create an environment similar to the physical office where people can log in and interact with each other while conducting their tasks.

The benefit? The team can see each other that inspires them to be productive and focused.

Personal fact guessing game

How well do you know your teammate? This game will answer on your behalf. Great way to increase personal bonding- this is one of the best virtual team building activities to break the ice in the room.

The first step of the game is to collect all the facts from the team and list them down on the sheet. Besides every fact, there will be an empty column where the employee has to write which team member the fact belongs to.

Believe it! this will be so much fun to play on Mondays!!

Picture sharing

Don’t have enough time to solve the puzzle? How about a picture sharing activity?

Picture sharing is an amazing initiative to connect teammates in no. It can facilitate laughter, joy and surprises that will leave everyone happy and connected.

You can set a suitable time before the actual meeting begins to ask an employee to share a photo that is not related to the work. This photo can contain awkward moments, pets, children, gadgets, trip memories and more. Then you can ask a member to explain the picture to let everyone know about the picture story.

Remember, allowing teammates to share a part of their personal lives can bring more fun and joy on the floor.

Remote teams may not get the same experience that they usually get during a physical interaction but that doesn’t mean they have to feel demotivated. All the above virtual team building activities will help companies to enhance employee motivation, production and efficiency. It bridges the gap between employees, making them feel connected, and valued which further contributes to productivity.

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