How to Make Engaging Videos for Your Business With FilmoraGo

We all know very well the saying “an image is worth a thousand words”, but things have changed. With the advancement of technology, it is now a video era, in this case, audiovisual content can not only help us deliver information in a simpler and more direct way, but also give us the opportunity to attract the attention of those who want to leave the page when seeing too much text, increasing users’ stay time and interactions, then the probability of purchasing a product or service will increase too.

A video will help users to better understand the services or products offered by your company, and if the video is also short, but entertaining and interesting, there is a high probability that users are willing to share it on their social platforms to expand the scope of the video content, and in this way, you can get free publicity.

Therefore, it is worth investing some effort in generating good video content about your business, because video marketing will help us increase popularity, improve the user experience, and more importantly, it can bring actual sales.

Video styles for your business

  • Animation video
  • Tutorial video
  • Advertising video
  • Commercial presentation video

After knowing the information above, do you want to make my own promotion video? Your answer will be “yes”, right? But how to make a promotion video is a question that some marketers will ask themselves, so in this article the video-making process will be explained in detail and some tips and tools that can help you will be introduced.

First of all, we define the process of making a promotion video in 3 phases:

  • Preproduction: the creative idea
  • Production: the recording
  • Postproduction: the edition

With the intro done, let’s get into the matter:

Preproduction: the creative idea

Always keep in mind that the creative ideas will be the backbone of the video, which will give life to the rest of the phases and the video itself. Without a creative idea, a well-defined concept, without a story to tell, we will not reach our audience and affect them, this is the ultimate goal.

But everyone has a time when inspiration is exhausted, so you have to develop the habit of accumulation in normal times, browsing social platforms, looking at design websites, etc.

Production: the recording

To start with this phase, if you want it to be professional, you must have some professional recording tools: a camera that allows you to record high-quality video, a lighting (if you are indoors), a camera stabilizer (for example, a tripod),  a microphone.

But if you have a limited budget, a mobile phone is good too. After all, the current mobile phone’s shooting pixels are also very good, and some are equipped with three cameras.

Postproduction: the edition

We get to the point where the real magic happens. It is the moment in which we give rhythm, create story and define the meaning.

There are different video editing software and applications, but considering that the desktop softwares are more difficult to learn, we recommend a simple and easy-to-use mobile editing app, called FilmoraGo. Why? Here are the reasons:

FilmoraGo is a video editing application for Android and iOS, designed by WonderShare. This app offers everything you need to edit a video, like trim (split, cut, copy, reserve…), PIP, etc. In addition, there are all kinds of transitions/stickers/filters/effects, and even thousands of royalty-free music resource. How powerful!

FilmoraGo ranks as one of the best video editor for iPhone. There are two special features in this iOS version. AR Camera – you can shoot videos with facial props and face beautification. Double Take – you can use the front and rear cameras of iPhone to shoot dual views.

How to use FilmoraGo to do video editing?

Start video editing

When opening the application, to start from scratch, just press “Create new video” and you can access the phone’s video and photo files. Just choose the videos and photos you need.

Video templates

To make video editing faster for newbies, the app offers several templates of different themes to apply to the entire edit.


Anyone who has done video editing knows that music is indeed very important to video. The iOS video editor offers a music library, there are thousands of royalty music and all kinds of sound effects! Moreover, you can use your own voice and music from iTune.

Video transitions/filters/stickers/effects

Between two video clips, it is sometimes useful to place a transition to bring rhythm to the final video. And to make videos more stunning,  adding filters/stickers/effects is also necessary.

Video Format

Whether 16: 9 (landscape) or 1: 1 (Instagram) video format, in this the application you can manage the aspect ratio of the most common video formats. In short, you can edit your video in any format, for social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

PIP: overlay a video or photo

PIP (picture in picture) offers the possibility of embedding one video in another. This video overlay can be resized and placed anywhere on the video.

Video rotation

The “Rotate” features provides the ability to flip a video and reverse horizontally and vertically.


The “Adjust” feature has several settings: light, contrast, saturation, sharpness, color, temperature.


Engaging promotion videos are very important for your business, but it takes time and effort, and most of the initial attempts may fail. Hope you can get some ideas and video editing experience after reading this article.

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