Video Editing Techniques Every Video Editor Should Know

Editing is the most essential stage of video production since it gives a narrative its final form. If it hadn’t been for video editing, our computer storage would have been depleted by a large amount of unnecessary data.

We now have tools like InVideo that assist video editors in sculpting the ideal form for a movie, regardless of its duration, thanks to significant advancements in technology.

Even if you believe you are an expert in video editing, you are mistaken! There are a number of editing techniques available that you are unlikely to have heard about. In this post, we will walk you through a few methods that you should be familiar with. Let’s get right to it!

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8 Creative Video Editing Techniques


InVideo is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use video editing software. It is available with all the basic features like trim, cut, copy, paste, and rewind any clip of a video. The software also allows you to add music and audio files to your video to make it more attractive. InVideo is available to the users in both free and premium versions.

This makes it even more popular among beginners. For anyone who is looking for more polished and creative editing tools and filters, InVideo is one of the best online video editor for 2021.

InVideo Editor has more than 5000 ready-made templates in their premium video library, and you can definitely use all of them to give your videos a wonderful new look.

Being one of the best online video editors, InVideo has all the necessary features that will help you edit and create videos for all social media platforms. That is the very reason why we believe it is truly worth the prices they ask for pro versions.

Standard Cut

This is the initial cut that is responsible for connecting two clips. Using this method, you may join the end of the first cut to the beginning of the second.

This is the simplest method to edit two clips and is well known to all video editors across the world. Standard-cut has the distinction of being one of the first video editing methods developed. This cut is readily editable, especially when editors fix .mkv files.

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The standard cut was developed in the 1900s when editors had the need to arrange a video in order.


This technique is useful for limiting the duration of a movie and for providing context to a narrative via easy cuts. If you’ve ever seen footage of athletics, you’ve probably noticed how fast everything moves.

This is the output of the montage, which cuts and assembles the video in a short amount of time. This method is especially useful for transitioning between characters in a film.

When it comes to extracting material from pre-recorded videos, many editors utilize mkv restoration tools. However, to repair an mkv file, it is critical to keep the modified video separate so that it does not get lost throughout the process.


You may utilize animation to go from the opening shot of the movie to the following scene using this method. So, depending on your preferences, you may always use this method to spice up the scenes.

Even if you are working with the best online video editor, the issue of increased volume while repairing .mkv files persists as the file gets damaged during wiping.

However, if you want to ensure that the video quality is not affected, it is best to edit the audio in separate software.

J or L Cut

These cuts are overused and have their names scribbled on the clips that are lined up during the editing process.

When you wish to utilize audio from A and put it into clip B, you use an L cut. J cut, on the other hand, is utilized when you need to add audio from clip B to clip A. If you’ve ever seen a documentary video, you’ve probably seen a lot of similar cuts.

If you want to learn more about these cutbacks, go back and read it again. When viewing a Hollywood film, J and L cuts are extremely frequent.

Cutaway Shots

Cutaway is a method used to move away from the primary characters and protagonists of a film. They typically provide additional substance to a film while increasing the suspense.

So, if you watch a scene that has previously been shown before the intermission, you are going through the cutaway shots, which will take you through a full synopsis of the film.

The majority of video editors choose to play their movies in QuickTime. If it doesn’t work, you may look up ‘QuickTime won’t play mov‘ to learn how to repair similar videos. Don’t attempt to sabotage a video assignment if you have no prior expertise editing such films.

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Match Cut

This cut allows spectators to watch a distinct portion of the film, and most of the editing is done to ensure that continuity is maintained throughout the film.

This tool is used by video editors when they need to transition between scenes while retaining a sense of balance. A basic example of this method is filming someone walking through the door and capturing recordings of their steps.

If you want to attempt this cut yourself, look for fixmkv. Edit a video with the help of a professional to ensure you don’t miss out on important information.

Invisible Cut

If you are an editing expert, you must use invisible cuts in your film to make an impression on the audience. The idea behind adopting this method is to make a single shot seem to be many takes.

Invisible cuts are popular nowadays and are used in a variety of films across the world. By using interesting colors, you may simply modify an undetectable cut.

For example, if you create a whip pan, you may mix one of the clips by connecting it to the end. This cut is very uncommon, and you will seldom see similar effects in popular films.


All these editing techniques are a must-know if you are a creative video editor. You can deploy these cuts either on a singular basis or combine multiple cuts in your video projects. With a host of creative options available at hand, you can experiment all you can!

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