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Q: What is victory PCB?

ANS: It is basically PCB ( Printed circuit board) coast calculator. It is used in electronics projects.

:. Purpose of this calculator:

 PCB contain complex process of many steps from the origin printer to final inspection before PCB can use. Here main question rise that how much coast? Then according to this we make a PCB coast finder calculator through which you can calculate pcb price easily on our website through this tool. Victorypcb is very trustable platform for order PCB price capculator through which you can calculate PCB price according to your requirement.

:. How does calculator work:

In order to generate coast estimate, Fill this all the info. All info are as under and we will discuss all about information little bit.

One more thing the total price of PCB not including shipping coast.

. Custom PN:  Enter your PCB part number

.  Delivery size:  Enter maximum length and width of board.

. PCB Quantity:  Enter number of PCB boards needed for order.

. Your Email:  Enter your email so that we can contact you for discussion more effectively.

. Layers:  This is the most important factor for PCB pricing and also very effective so fill it carefully. You can choose the layers you need.

. Material:  Choose material for PCB. Otherwise FR-4 is default select. You can increase or decrease material according to your need.

. Finished Thickness :  This refer to desire thickness of printed circuit board. The unit is mm.

. Spacing:  This is important thing in PCB. This refer to minimum width of any conductor or minimum distance between two adjacent traces. We have five options for you to choose.

. Min hole size:  This is the smallest size of the hole. You can choose from five values carefully.

. Solder Mask:  This is very interesting thing which is colour coating. You can choose any colour which you need to coat a PCB and make your PCB colourfull.

. Solder mask supplier:  Copper Clad Laminated supplier which is good for PCB.

. Silkscreen:  There are three options which is yellow, white and black. This refer to colour of text printed. You can choose any colour for text printing which makes your PCB colourfull.

. Surface Finish:  The surface finish helps you to improve solder ability means when you solder any component on PCB then you can easily solder without any disturbance. You can choose any but default LF HAL are select.

 . Via Filling Material:  The material used to fill the via holes.

. Outer Layer Finished Copper:  Weight of copper in one square feet of PCB called copper weight. 1 OZ to 6 OZ for outer layer of PCB. By default 1 OZ set but you can set according to your need.

. Inner Layer Based Copper:  This is the thickness of copper used in PCB. You can choose value of copper same as outer layer 1 OZ to 6 OZ>

. Inspection Standard:  This refer to PCB quality level inspection standard. You can choose from only two options.

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. Impedance Control:  The resistance to the flow of current  represent by electrical network of resistance, capacitance and inductance reaction, usually in high frequency circuits.

Our PCB fabrication calculator is designed to help you to find coast associated with PCB fabrication.

Main things in PCB are holes, distance, thickness, quality, material and layers. 

When you use good quality then automatically price also increase.

This is basically a calculator through this calculator you can find price of any kind of PCB ( Printed Circuit Board) very fast and easily. 

PCB is one of the important thing in electronics projects because all the soldering and all components fix in PCB. You cant solder any component without PCB Because all soldering is done by PCB. The better the quality of PCB, The better the soldering.

So, Whenever you take a PCB make a good quote so that you don’t have any difficulty in soldering.

Must try this calculator to find price of any PCB quickly.

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