Valentine Week Guide 2021: 8 Affectionate Ways to Make 8 Days Romantic & Unforgettable!

Lover all around the world is ready to welcome Valentine’s week with open arms. The week is filled with love, passion, and romance. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February each year. Lovers celebrate Valentine’sDay with loads of excitement by giving each other romantic gifts and surprises. Some people like to celebrate the day low key by staying at home; others like to enjoy it by spending it in beautiful parks, cafes, or lounges. One thing is constant that people like to celebrate the week with the love of their life.

To help in the week’s planning, we have prepared a full guide of Valentine week and how to enjoy it to the fullest. So, here are some exciting ideas of gifts from gifts on Rose day to gift on Valentine’sDay. Here we go:

  • Rose Day

Rose Day is the first day of Valentine’sweek, which falls on 7th February. Red Rose is the symbol of deep love and passion. If you have fallen in love and want to express your loved one, then start the big week with a bouquet of a red rose.  

  • Propose Day

The second day of this Valentine’sweek is Propose day, which falls on 8th February. This day lover expresses their hidden feelings to their loved one. If you have found the person of your dreams, then go for it and confess your love to them. Buy online Propose Day Gift and go down on a knee to propose them.

  • Chocolate Day

The third day of Valentine week is Chocolate Day, which is full of sweetness, madness, and love. Lovers celebrate this day by gifting chocolates to their sweetheart. Make your love bond stronger and sweeter than chocolates. Celebrate the day by gifting them a chocolate box, chocolate bouquet, chocolate cake, or chocolate bar cake.

  • Teddy Day

Teddy day falls on 10th February; it is the fourth day of Valentine’sweek. On this day, lovers gift teddy bears to their loved ones. It is a way to show your love, affection for them. Those in a long-distance relationship Sends Teddy Day Gifts Online to their darling and surprise them with an adorable cuddly bear.

  • Promise Day

 On promise Day, lovers make promises to their loved ones. They make a promise to love each other till death and to love them unconditionally in sickness and health. These promises make their bond stronger. The best Promise Day gift is true words of honor, but if you are looking to complement your words, you can gift them a personalized gift like a photo collage or customized mug. 

  • Hug Day

Hug day falls on 12th February; it is the sixth day of Valentine’sweek. Hug day plays an important role, as, without a tight hug, your love would seem incomplete. Cuddling with your partner is also a way to show your love for them. On this day, people mostly gift soft toys like cuddling teddies or kissing swans to each other. 

  • Kiss Day

The last day of Valentine’sweek is Kiss Day, celebrated by all the lovers on 13th February. Lovers celebrate this day by kissing their loved ones. It is one of the important days as you can show your love without uttering a single word. Gifting cosmetics hamper is an excellent way to celebrate kiss day as they need to take care of their soft skin and pretty lips.

  • Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is the last but the most important day of the whole week. The entire week is a journey and the destination of the Valentine’sDay. Lovers go all out to celebrate the day by giving expensive gifts like jewelry, accessories, and cutting cake on that day. 

Ending Note:

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