Scrabble is one of the favorite family games of generations already. Competing to prove that you know how to come up with the best words no matter what letters you get is something everyone loves. However, it is not that easy to do so every time because you might not be very lucky this day and get very hard letters to combine. In this article, we will share with you a number of unique words that you probably have never heard of but might be why you become a Scrabble champion. 

Words that will help you win every Scrabble game

A lot in Scrabble depends on luck, but a lot more depends on knowledge and creativity. You need to know many unique and unusual words so you can combine the letter tiles you get unexpectedly. This is why we prepared a list with many unique words that you might have never heard of. With them, you will be able to amaze your competitors with your knowledge, and you will make them look for a dictionary to check most of those words. Let’s start:

  • Yarborough — This word might be very helpful not only in Scrabble but also if you love to play bridge. If you are a bridge player, you probably very well know the feeling when you get a hand without a card higher than 9. Do you know the disappointment we are talking about? Well, now you know that such hands are called yarborough hands, and you can use this word playing Scrabble or bridge. 
  • Acnestis — If you are a doctor, a person that loves the many seasons of  “Grey’s Anatomy” or other similar series, you might have heard this word. This is the part of the back of a human or an animal that is positioned between the shoulder blades or the loins and is out of reach. It is very unpleasant when you are itchy exactly there, and you can’t do anything to relieve yourself. 
  • Halfpace — Not all of us have the luxury of having an elevator in their buildings and trust us, we hate it, especially in the summer after a weekly shopping. This is when we somehow love and hate the halfpaces at the same time. Halfpace is the small place between two flights of stairs. It might be a very small space where you just need to turn or a bigger landing where you need to make a couple of steps to continue on your way up or down. A halfpace might give you a second to catch your breath but also means you need to walk even more until you get to your apartment.
  • Agelast — Do you know people that just seem incapable of having fun and laughing? From now on, you can call them agelasts. The word comes from Greek, and it means a gloomy person that is rarely seen smiling and laughing. Maybe your continuous wins on Scrabble can make your friends a bit like agelast but try to make it up to them by getting them nice snacks and drinks. If you don’t mind crashing them in every game, you can check this list of all the possible 7-letter words with any letter tiles you get. Technically is not cheating if you just go prepared. After all, we are doing exactly this with our article — preparing you to be the Scrabble champion.
Unique Words Most People Have Never Heard of
  • Kakorrhaphiophobia — Okay, this word might not be the most useful when it comes to Scrabble, but it sounds so fun that we can’t mention it. And it can actually describe you exactly if you are reading such articles because you are afraid to fail and lose a game. Kakorrhaphiophobia is used to describe the fear of failure. So, if you get sweaty palms and a shortage of breath when you think you might fail in any task, you most probably suffer from it. 
  • Quire — This word you might not have to use very often unless you work in an office and are responsible for the supplies. Then you perhaps order a lot of paper, but if you need just a small batch of 24 or 25 paper sheets, you can now use the word quire to ask for that. Maybe the seller or the supplier will look at you a bit surprised you know this word, or you might even have to explain to them what that is. However, it was a very popular word a couple of decades ago when this was a popular order in the bookshops.
  • Augend and addend — We are sharing those two together because it’s much easier to explain them like that. If you have two numbers to sum, you already have come across both augend and addend. For example, in the small equation of 5 + 3, 5 is the augend, and 3 is the addend. Now you know the proper terms to use when summing up numbers.
  • Xertz — When you are in a hurry or just very thirsty, you will usually drink something very fast and make some funny gulping sounds. This act is actually called xertz, which might be really surprising, but because of the unusual combination of letters, it might be a useful word to know for a game of scrabble.

And many more

Every language has hidden gems of words that will amaze you and everyone who hears you using them. And even if you don’t use them for Scrabble, you will have a very rich dictionary that will help you express yourself in every situation. Try to look for more such little surprises and be surprised by their meaning.


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