Understanding Regenerative Medicine Better

Developing physical injuries, for instance, as a result of tear and wear, you need a quick recovery. This is what helps you continue with your everyday life within no time. However, the damaged tissue may heal slowly, hence putting you in the recovery period longer. This situation can change when you opt for regenerative medicine. You’ll be put under treatments such as stem cell therapy and PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) pain management. In Clifton, New Jersey, there are regenerative medicine specialists who you can approach and get the proper assistance. These Clifton Regenerative Medicine experts deal with all forms of pain regardless of the extent. What should anyone know about this branch of medicine?

What is Regenerative Medicine?

In regenerative medicine, the primary focus is on enabling the body to heal itself naturally. This is through the regeneration of new cells within the damaged tissues, which brings about quick healing. Currently, there are modern techniques of achieving this, such as platelet-rich plasma therapies or stem cell treatments.

These procedures are effective in making your body heal within a short time. After sustaining injuries from an auto accident or sports injuries, the pain could be chronic such that the physical therapies are no longer working. In such a case, the injections of PRP into the affected tissues bring positive results within a short time.

What is the Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment?

In PRP, in particular, the specialist uses your blood to make the solution. Using a machine called a centrifuge, the expert can process PRP. This state-of-the-art equipment helps remove the other blood components, such as the red blood cells and white blood cells. It leaves blood that is rich in platelets.

Some studies suggest that the plasma-platelet combination has some healing properties. It comes from the potent growth factors it has. That is why the injection into the affected tissues effectively deals with the pain and speeds the recovery. The relieving of the pain usually takes place between four and six weeks. However, some factors influence the recovery time. These include the severity of the injuries or the presence of other treatment aids.

How Does the Stem-Cell Treatment Work?

In the world of regenerative medicine, stem cells are called master cells. This is because they can become any cell in the body. It makes them much pivotal on the healing aspect of the body. They become the new cells which in turn makes the pain disappear around the affected parts.

There are different sources of these stem cells, and the common ones are the bone marrow and adipose tissue. What specialists do when harvesting these cells is inject local anesthesia, as this gives you much comfort. They then put the bone marrow and fatty tissue into the centrifuge machine, separating the stem cells. Later, they then inject them into the target points. You’ll start experiencing the results between 3 to 4 weeks later.

Regenerative medicine is fundamental for anyone experiencing chronic or acute pain. The treatments such as stem cell therapies and PRP pain management procedures help in quick pain relief. The recovery time from injuries becomes shorter. However, for the best results, find competent regenerative medicine specialists.

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