Understanding An Abyssinian Cat: Proper Nutrition And Maintenance

The aloof and equivocal characteristics of cats in nature are often epitomized. For many pet-owners, it’s quite adorable and impressive, but for some detests. Although they have been known in that way, domesticated felines are still affectionate. In fact, they’re one of the most famous pets in a household (read more). Not only because of their intelligence, but they are among the finest low maintenance and sweetest creatures you can own.

If you’re eyeing a cat that is different from many felines that are mostly run-of-the-mill, you must know about Abyssinian cats. Besides being playful, they are curious yet loving cats. Mostly, they love getting active around, but they’ll give so much love to offer for their pet-parent.

Introducing Abyssinian Cats!


The Abyssinianis considered to be one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats that have originated from Europe. Aside from being the oldest, they have been the favorite household cats by many. Furthermore, an Abyssinian cat has the appearance of a distinct and unique wildcat with large erect ears and a ticked coat, in which the hair is banded with different colors. It has wide almond eyes with distinctive tufts.

Abys are medium in size and elegantly short-haired. Conversely to their wildcat look, they are the sweetest pet you can have.

Abyssinian Cats


Abys love playing around, and nature is their favorite place. Cats like Abys tend to get anxious when their owner is not around, conversely to a usual cat. They are people-oriented, and love getting along with family members. Thus, making them the best choice in owning a cat.

They aren’t similar to the ones that seem distant. Instead, they enjoy human company a lot, making them want attention. Hence, if left alone, they may be miserable and sad for a long time.

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Abyssinian cats are alert and curious, perfect for a home. As well as quiet and soft, Abys tend to impress their owners showing their intelligence and creativity as a creature. Also, they’re highly interactive, and you might see them climbing and jumping in high places, such as trees and gates. They tend to enjoy roaming around, so make sure that they’re getting attention.

Although they are active and keen, proper training and guidance can help them not to get too reckless. So if you are getting one, make sure that getting some bond with them will always have time in your schedule. Not only that, but you also have to make sure that they’re getting utmost wellness through proper nutrition and lifestyle. Potential concerns may come as genetic, so here’s what you should know:

Weight Management

Cats differ when it comes to preferences and nutritional requirements. But one thing to prioritize is the management of their weight. Although Abys are physically active, they need a balanced diet to avoid obesity. Knowingly how harmful it can lead, many pet-owners still neglect this concern. The dangers of a non-proportional weight might lead to life-altering diseases as excess fat is an influential factor.

When a tough case of overeating occurs, you must ensure that they’re living actively. So you really have to have time to play with your Abys and keep an eye on it with the help of a vet. 

Dental Health

Dental health is as significant as anything to get optimal health. Abyssinians can get really sensitive to dental diseases, and they’re not good at taking care of their own teeth. That is why extra help is needed from you, make sure to brush their teeth at least three times a week (link: https://www.cuteness.com/article/natural-remedies-clean-cats-teeth).


Generally, cats are vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections, and Abys are not an exception. Knowingly that they are social butterflies that love interacting with both humans and animals, they can get infections such as panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, and commonly, rabies. Fortunately, certain viral plaques can be restricted through immunization. It is a core must in getting them into vaccination to ensure their safety.


Abyssinians are not high maintenance. They only require a bit of grooming with their coat and weekly brushing can be adequate. Aside from that, they’re cuddly and love human-interaction, so grooming will never be a hassle.


Although Abyssinian cats are commonly known, not many can recognize how different they are when owned. Figuring how to take care of them and their health will let you enjoy their company, and vice versa.

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