Umi No Soko Review: An Atypical Love Story You Should Read!!

Umi No Soko means “from the bottom of the ocean”. This manga has almost all the elements to make it thrilling and spicy.  The trajectory of this manga follows the sneaky romance of the protagonists, the death of Yazake, one of the protagonists, his reincarnation, the development of Wakashio from a timid man to a strong man, protagonists fighting to free the souls trapped in the ocean. Starting from romance to tragedy, Umi No Soko has it all. It portrayed that when two people are in love and determined to achieve something, they will do it. 

Most of the people found this manga super exciting.. It is because the track line always keeps you thrilled. Alongside, the enchanting artwork will catch your eye. The theme of forest, ocean, and the tribal people have made Umi No Soko stand out!

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The genres of Umi No Soko are Romance, Yaoi(BL), Mature, Smut, Violence, Fantasy, and Monsters. The story revolves around two males who struggle to live and love together despite societal hindrances.

Even the death couldn’t stop them from being together. They made the villages better for themselves and others. Two of them have freed several souls. The author wrote it when he was a student. Umi No Soko has 6 chapters.  If you like Yaoi, you should try it.


Chapter 1

The story of Umi No Soko starts with a love-making scene between Wakashio, the youngest son of the chief, and Yakaze, a member of the forest tribe. They both are secretly in love regardless of their social status. 

As Wakashio and Yakaze were intimating in an estranged land, they were scared if someone saw them, everything would be ruined. Wakashio was telling him the story of that land. Whenever they met, he asked Yakaze to live with him in his village.

Although their families were conservative, they had a ray of hope in mind that they wanted to be together no matter what happened. Talking about their adversities for a while, they continued their stuff. Wakashio tried to persuade Yakaze with sex but he couldn’t! 

Out of the blue, Wakashio’s elder brother came and assassinated him. He took him to their father and told him that Wakashio was tarnishing their clan’s reputation. Both of them beat the hell out of him in the name of “punishment.”

Soon, he went on a mission with everyone. His brother and family kept bullying him. He thought that he should have left the place when Yakaze first asked him. He was lamenting and regretting his life choices.

Suddenly, Yakaze came from the water and held him. After processing his emotions, Wakashio asked how he was alive. He said that he reincarnated, was in the underworld, and sunlight turned him into a monster.

Yakaze wanted to take him because death was the only means of them being together. They proceeded to their intense and nasty love-making session after a long time. He saw the wounds of Wakashio. 

As much as he wanted to take revenge, listening to Wakashio was more important to him. They continued and believed that together they could solve anything. Finally, after the return of his lost love, Wakashio was happy!

Chapter 2

Umi No Soko’s second chapter begins with Wakaisho’s dream His father and brother were castigating him and expressing their thirst to win over the northern side. They said that to prove to everyone that he was a real man; he should be by their side like a warrior. For the first time, he stood up for himself. 

When he woke up, he realized that he was petrified. He started thinking about Yakaze and fantasizing about him. He went out with Yakaze on a boat ride to find medical herbs.

They went to a village where it was forbidden to use wood. It was a curse cast by the spirit of the demised villagers of that land. A shark arrived suddenly to attack them.

Yazake saved Wakashio’s life by telling him the story of his death. He added that he wanted to avenge him. Afterward, they began their dirty and passionate sex. Yazake went back to the sea.

A matter of utmost shock came when he revealed his motive that he wanted to kill Wakashio. Yazake was reluctant because Wakashio was a bright guy captivated by his family. 

Chapter 3

Wakashio wanted to see the monstrous version of Yazake. He tried his best to hide. Suddenly, he found ropes which were the essence of power and wisdom of their tribe.

Both of them decided to escort the dead people of the tribe to the cave when the sunset. After their romance and multiple rounds of sex followed by thirsty talks, they called it off that night. 

Wakashio stepped out and thought about his unfinished business. He wanted to go to the underworld. Yakaze called him from back. 

Chapter 4

Yakaze and Wakashio became nostalgic while thinking about their old days. While reminiscing, Wakashio somehow went to the underworld.

He met a woman who told him the misery of tribal people. When people die, they are supposed to reunite in the underworld. However, Wakashio’s people tied them to the riverbed for military power.

 Their souls were lost; some wandered. None visited them. Being touched by the story, Wakashio promised that he would make the world for himself and others.

He tried to go to the land but the water was very deep. Yakaze helped him to go above. They started talking about the welfare of the village and the northern tribe. 

They thought of an idea; Before slave trading, the village lived off on fishing and harvesting seaweed. There remained fish nets stretched everywhere across the entire bay. 

It was used for a lookout. As the nets were connected, those could be gathered using a wheel on a platform. If they could turn the wheels, it could be used to trap enemies. 

They decided to execute this plan together to save everyone! This chapter of Umi No Soko ended by bringing Wakashio’s brother back!

Chapter 5

Wakashio’s brother started calling him a “betrayer” for siding with the northern tribe He started fighting with weapons. He defeated him with Yakaze’s help. 

Suddenly he saw that the underworld was collapsing. The cave was blocked. People of the village saw a den of monsters in the underworld. Their plan worked.

Wakashio was sitting beside Yazake. He had lost his arm. When people asked him who that monster was; he said it was his husband.

They went back to their home finally and  quenched their thirst for each other.

Chapter 6

The last chapter of Umi No Soko started with the goofy conversation of teenage boys. Amidst the conversation, one realized that he was attracted to men.

This chapter tells about the first encounter of Wakashio and Yakaze.

When Yakaze was introduced as the successor, everyone doubted him. He promised that he will come back bigger. While trading in forests, he came across Wakashio.

Soon, they become friends. From friends, their sexual spark grew. Later, they fell in love.

What are the fans saying?

Manga lovers are LOVING Umi No Soko! 98% of the readers are saying that authors have crafted every character with love and meticulousness. It has romance, fights, and the end of stereotypes!

Starting from the storyline’s progress to the artwork, people are praising every nook and corner of this manga. Check out these comments to know how their hearts pounded after reading Umi No Soko!

“sweet merciful budda, this is such a masterfully crafted gem

this manga has everything: from unique and alluring character design through interesting setting and solid world-building to insanely captivating story-line and pacing”

“Oh wow. I never thought I would enjoy this kind of setting but I did! The art is exquisite, the storytelling was great as well (no plot holes I could think of) and I love how the characters showed different forms of love throughout!”

“The art and the story and the couple gaaaahhh it’s so sweet…..I even did a little victory dance when his brother died like that was the best ending for characters like him. I was so happy!”

“It’s weird and kinky and I love it!”

“this was such a good and amazing read, it even made me silly. This is so good; thought, written, everything! a masterpiece! i love the art style, i also love the physique of the characters (along with their features) it’s a hard read at first and then it becomes so good and beautiful. i love the ending… omg!”

Umi No Soko; Wrapping Up

If you like thrillers, you will like Umi No Soko. It’s a blend of love, tragedy, fantasy, action, and fun. The spicy interactions between the male lead give perfection to this Yaoi. We would give it a solid 7/10. However, it’s subjective. 
We highly recommend you to give Umi No Soko a try!