Ultrasound: A technique that helps detect many problems

An ultrasound is an imaging technique that is used for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes. It is used for developing an image of internal organs of the body and also other body structures like blood vessels, joints, muscles, and tendons. An ultrasound in Lake Nona can be prescribed by a doctor if they suspect any abnormality which can be diagnosed through an ultrasound.

If upon hearing the word “ultrasound” you get a mental image of a pregnant lady getting it done, then you are also among many who are unaware of the many problems that can be caught with the help of an ultrasound.

Read on to find out.

  • PCOS: Polycystic ovary syndrome is a problem that is common among women; in this disease, several cysts are formed in the ovaries. These cysts are non-cancerous but increase the levels of androgen in women, which leads to several problems like irregular periods and excess body hair. Ultrasound is used for its detection.
  • Cancerous cysts: Unlike an x-ray, ultrasound imaging can capture the pictures of cysts clearly, which helps the doctor in distinguishing between tumors and cysts that are filled with fluid. Doctors use ultrasound for the imaging of different cysts which can also help in detecting cancer.
  • Gallstones: Sometimes deposits get accumulated and take shape stone-like objects in the gallbladder, these are called gallstones. They cause a lot of trouble for the person who has them and is detected through imaging.
  • Stroke: A stroke requires immediate medical attention as it can be life-threatening, and early treatment is very important to reduce the damage done to the brain. A carotid ultrasound can be used to understand if the patient is at risk of a stroke.
  • Pregnancy: Ultrasound is very useful in pregnancy as it helps the doctor monitor a baby’s growth closely. Frequent ultrasounds can help in detecting any complications in pregnancy and thus help in resolving them.
  • Enlarged heart: An enlarged heart is not a disease in itself but is a sign of comorbidities. If it is ignored and not detected on time, it can lead to major problems like blood clots, cardiac arrest, and even heart failure. An ultrasound is used by doctors to detect this condition.

Ultrasound imaging is a very important technology in the field of medical science as it helps doctors in identifying many problems and thus plays a major role in patients’ health.

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