Uber-Like Tow Truck App: Features And Cost To Build

In our digital world, everyone has their own app. Even the smallest of business organizations are investing to create mobile applications for their company. Nowadays even schools and colleges are having their apps for mobile. So, if you are into the tow truck business, you would definitely like to develop a uber-like tow truck app for your business. We will discuss it in detail in this article.

What if you are on a road trip somewhere, and suddenly your car stops working due to some issue in the mechanism? In addition, imagine it is a desolate place in the middle of a highway with no nearby car repairing shops. There is a possibility that you might have the number of a towing truck agency. What if no one is picking up your call?

This is the perfect situation where you may wish for a two truck app like Uber to be available on the Google Play Store. This is a perfect solution to your problem where you do not have to wait for long hours for road assistance. With a roadside assistance app, you will be able to book a tow truck just as if you can book a taxi using Ola or Uber taxi apps. It is as simple as ordering food online through a mobile application.

Hence, you can understand how profitable business is for businesspersons. HONK is one such On-Demand Roadside Assistance App launched by Uber. You can also build your app like uber for a tow truck. All the information that you need to know before building an app from your tow truck service is given in this blog. Do continue reading!

How Customers will contact you by your uber-like tow truck app?

Since it is a mobile application, it must be easily available on the Google Play store. To avail of the services, the application must be installed on the device the users are using. After that, the following steps are followed:

Creation of an account

First, the user will have to create a basic account by providing the name, phone number, email address, etc.

Service selection

 Second, the user will have to select the tow truck service that he requires from the list like dead battery replacement, tire replacement or repair, towing, etc.

Select the requirements

Along with the service, select the other details like charges, specialties, experience, etc.


 Third, the user needs to enter the detailed location or use the GPS for easy and accurate tracking.

Vehicle Information

Fourth, enter the details of the car like the model name, registration number, plate number, etc.

Fix the appointment

 Fifth, the user needs to fix the appointment time based on his urgency.

Features of roadside assistance in the uber-like tow truck app

There are multiple features available in a standard roadside assistance app like Uber. Some of them include:

Registration through social media

Nowadays every mobile application has the option of registering through a social media account. These can include Facebook, Google, Instagram, or email.

Live geo-tracking

 Live geo-tracking feature helps users to track down in real-time the nearest tow truck available. In this way, the users will be able to know the estimated time of arrival.

Profile of Service Provider

 The tow truck service providers’ profile list must be available on the mobile app. The profile includes name, mobile number, address, etc.

Booking Services

This feature helps in booking the service as per the requirements of the user.

Customer Service

 Every app must have customer care service available in their app. This will help the users to contact the company if any problem arises.

Secured Payment Gateway

This is the most sensitive portion of the application as it involves bank account details. Therefore, it must be highly secured to prevent any leakage of information and monetary loss due to hacking.

Ratings and Review Feature

 This feature must be available on the uber-like tow truck app to help the users decide which service provider they should choose.

Fare Details

The application must show all the fare details with proper breakage of taxes and other charges. The app must contain all the price-related information.

Push Notifications

 This feature helps both the user and the provider know the current situation of each job position.

Multiple languages

Nowadays the Tow Truck Dispatch Software comes with a multiple language system. This helps the user to select any language according to their comfort zone.

Calling and messaging feature

The app like uber for tow trucks now uses an app calling and messaging system that helps the user to easily call or message the towing service providers for any queries they may encounter.

Invoice facility

This feature acts as a proof for the users. It shows the details of the service, along with their total cost, tax, date and time, Booking ID, etc.

Cancel and edit booking option

This feature of the mobile app allows the user to easily edit any information entered at the time of booking. Even if any customer wants to cancel the appointment, he or she may do so through the cancel booking option.

Budget required for building roadside assistance app like Uber for tow truck

To develop such a dynamic mobile application, you can check out some good mobile app developers. Without their help, it is not possible to create one until and unless you are one of them. However, the cost of developing a search app depends on various factors like the size of the application. You can expect your app to be ready in 30 days, which may further be extended if required.

Normally the cost of creating an On-Demand uber-like tow truck app takes around $10,000 to $18,000 for native apps. However, this cost range may vary depending upon the platform, whether it will be launched for the Android operating system, or Windows Phone, or Apple users. It also depends upon the number of pages you want to insert into your application. The application’s features and technology used is another factor that will affect the price of creating such an app.

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