It can be easy to forget the value of covering the pool. However, purchasing a sort of pool cover that one must use after swimming or closing it for the winter, helps keep a pool clean and hygienic and is worth the extra time and attention.

The pool cover provides homeowners with multiple advantages. When the temperature starts to decline and leaves start to drop, and winter settles in, it is time to protect the swimming pool to preserve it for future use.

The retractable pool cover is high in demand for its automatic function, covering a pool all the easier. But since the market is growing, homeowners have many options to choose from when it comes to pool covers. One can select their preferred choice based on what benefits them and suits their budget. And they are listed down below!

1. Winter pool cover

Winter pool covers are useful for protecting the pools from a seasonal drop in the temperature. Its primary function is to keep the pool protected from extreme drops in temperature and debris to some extent.

These covers are held in their place by weights or water bags and have very low weight tolerance. Meaning that it does not slip-proof and offers very minimal protection against accidents. But these covers are easy to install and are inexpensive.

2. Automatic or Retractable pool covers

As the name suggests, automatic pool covers offer closing and opening the cover by pressing just a button. They are a bit tedious to install. While these are relatively expensive, professionals install them to make the handling of the covers easy.

They provide value for the money invested as they are long-lasting and effortless to use. They also slip-proof and are efficient in protecting from accidental drowning should there be an accident.

Apart from protecting the pool from heavy debris, one can use retractable pool covers in all seasons. They prevent the evaporation of water in summer and keep the pool from freezing in winters.

3. Hidden covers

One can consider this type of cover to be a subtype of retractable pool covers, they are also on the expensive side but are long-lasting like the retractable pool covers.

They can be semi-automatic or automatic, and depending on the budget one can choose what type benefits them the best. They also need to be installed by trained professionals and can be a great way to insulate pools!

4. Solar pool covers

As the name suggests, solar covers are great at insulating pools. These resemble a bubble wrap and keep absorbing heat during the day and prevent it from escaping during nights.

They are easy to install and can be installed by the house owners themselves in a matter of minutes. They are cheap. However, they do not slip and accident-proof as they are flimsy and offer little to no resistance.

5. Thermal covers

Finally, thermal covers are the best option if one is looking to insulate their pools. It is important to note that these don’t heat the pool themselves, but they retain the heat that has been trapped during the day.

Much like solar covers but is much effective at preventing heat damage and the growth of algae. It is a bit expensive compared to solar covers. It also requires a professional to install it.

Overall, depending on the budget, one can choose from many options for a good pool cover. Having a pool cover is advantageous as it reduces the risk of accidents, drowning, prevents evaporation, reduces chemical consumption, makes maintenance easy, and helps maintain temperature.

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