Types of Car Seat Covers that You Must Try

A car’s interiors are mostly occupied by the seats. The seats make up most of the interiors and their looks. The right seat covers with the right material, fit and colour can transform how your car looks on the inside. Not only do the seat covers give an aesthetic look to the car, but they also add up to the comfort. A good seat cover will keep you away from the irritation of a static charge that might get produced by rubbing of clothes on the cover; it also keeps your car and the seat temperature in control, by cooling and heating faster depending upon the preference that you have. Different car seat covers are available in the market and range in different types of materials. So how do you find the custom car seat covers? What are the types of car seat covers that you must try? here is a list:


As the name directly suggests, the fabric seat covers are made of fabric i.e. cotton. These seat covers are designed to keep your original car seats away from dust, dirt, and other factors. The fabrics used in these fabric seat covers are mostly thermally designed, which means that they can keep the seats warm or cool depending upon your choice of the cover and can be categorized as Best Custom Car Seat Covers. Another important aspect of these Fabric seat covers is that they can easily blend with your car interiors. The fabric covers are easy to maintain as they can be taken off from the seats with rather an ease and can then be washed before being placed on the seats again. These types of seat covers have fewer disadvantages when compared to others.

2)   PU Art Leather Seat Covers

Another option for people who are looking for a seat cover is PU art leather Seat Cover. These custom car seat covers are made from artificial leather which has a very thin poly lining on the top. These covers are thinner than the original leather covers. These PU art leather seat covers are a better option than that of the Rexine seat covers, as these seat covers are more resistant to water and chemicals. It also then becomes easy to clean these seat covers using the conventional methods, rather than taking the car to a specialist just for washing the seat covers. The major disadvantage with these PU covers is that they tend to become sticky during the summers when the car AC is turned on and are best suited when the ambient temperature is on the lower side. So if you are looking for Black Car Seat Covers Australia, then this is not the choice for you.

3)   Leather Seat Covers

The best in business in the auto industry when it comes to car seat covers are the Leather seat covers. These custom car seat covers look classy, are durable, and make you feel in the lap of luxury. These Pure leather seat covers are water-resistant and oil resistant, which automatically makes them more durable. Also, this avoids them from getting those ugly seat stains from coffee spills. Another advantage of the Pure leather seat cover is that these covers do not lose their colour over years. The disadvantage though is that all of this comes at a hefty price which can be 5 times more than the fabric car seat covers. Leather seat covers do not resist sharp objects which can reduce their durability to a few months. Also, these covers tend to get extremely hot in case you have parked your car in the parking somewhere in the sun. So, here are the types of car seat covers that you must try.

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