Turn Your Yard into a Summer Paradise

The weather is finally warming up and the days are getting longer. That only means one thing, that Summer is just around the corner, this means more time spent outside in the sun. If you own a home this is the time to start working on your summer oasis. Your backyard can easily be transformed into a place all your family and friends will want to spend hours this summer.


You will want to be in your summer paradise day and night so make sure that you have adequate shade for during the day. You will want to make sure you and everyone else you are entertaining to have a place to escape the sun. This can be achieved with a patio tent or umbrellas. Even though you are providing shade make sure you are also providing sunscreen.

Water Elements

Kiddie pools are a great option because during the day they are great for the little ones, but when you are entertaining adults you can fill them full of ice and use them as a place to keep cocktails cool. Splash pads are another great water element to entertain children. You may also want to grab an assortment of water balloons and a sprinkler to give you several options to cool down on those hot summer days.


It wouldn’t be a perfect summer day without some games to play. A backyard paradise will not be complete without a game of cornhole. This game is fun sober and intoxicated and makes a great addition to summer days. If you are looking for another game, horseshoes are always a classic. Depending on the size of your backyard you may want to have a box that includes footballs and other things people might want to throw around.

A Cozy Space

You want your summer paradise to be the perfect place to spend cool summer nights. To achieve this you will want to make sure you have ample seating and some lighting for the back yard. This can be custom-built seating or you can purchase a nice patio set. For lighting, most people go with retro string lights, lanterns, or tiki torches.  A fire pit will be a great addition to the area. You will spend many nights around the fire with friends and family.

Bug Prevention

Nothing can kill a fun time outside as quickly as a bug problem. Make sure to have a professional come out and treat your yard for ant, mosquitos, and all other stinging and biting creatures. If you see bees call someone to come and collect them. Bees are endangered and a vital part of the ecosystem of the world. Please, do not kill them. You can also use bug repellant spray and certain candles that will keep flying pests away. If you prefer natural alternatives you can try using peppermint and lavender essential oil. Many people say they will keep bugs away.

Now you know all the steps to get ready for summer. Make sure you set up something to provide shade, get something that allows you to enjoy the water, have someone come to treat the yard to keep the bugs away, find the perfect cornhole board, make sure you have a cozy place to spend your evenings, and don’t forget to stock up on wood for your fire pit. Once you follow all these suggestions and turn your backyard into the perfect summer paradise. There will be nothing left to do other than fill the kiddie pools, make yourself a cocktail, and enjoy some relaxing time in the sun to kick of the best summer ever.

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