How to try on glasses at VisionDirect

This passing year has taught many people to live a new online life. They spend most of the time at their homes and try shifting their daily routines to online alternatives, including grocery shopping to doctor appointments and other resources that usually prompted you to leave your homes almost daily.

Besides trying out these things online, did you know that the online world has also made it possible for you to get your own desired design prescription glasses? Yes, this has now been made possible by VisionDirect, enabling you to use your webcam and virtually analyze their presented glasses and examine how they look on your face through their amazing virtual try-on tool. The benefit of this is it greatly eliminates the style risks and spares much of your time in finding out the glasses that may suit your face well.

Following is a two-step process that you can follow to try on these glasses online effortlessly.


Taking a Selfie Video

VisionDirect provides you with all the instructions onhow to take a five-second selfie video simply through your mobile phone or laptop. All you are required to do is to provide an accurate reading of your face shape, and that you can do by turning your head right and left from the webcam of your laptop or mobile phone. This is as simple as that, and you are done with the process.

Trying out the glasses

Choosing the brand of your own choice is the first step you have to take after you have provided your selfie to the VisionDirect. Then, in the special features option, filter by ‘virtual try-on’. You will see all the available options listed there when you’ll start using the VTO tool. Next, navigate to the product page where you can click ‘selfie view’ and then move on further to try on your glasses.

Think you’re ready? Give VisionDirect a try and try out its most advanced and amazing try-on glasses tool now to explore the new and trendy design that fits perfectly to your face shape. If you think there is still more to explore before you get started with the VisionDirect, continue reading further to know more about our selfie tips and style suggestions.

Why face shape matters in buying perfect glasses?

The virtual try-on (VTO) tool of the VisionDirect is purely advanced in its features. It doesn’t only allow you to see yourself in your desired frame, but it also tells you much about your face shape in a most extraordinary way. Getting the best style frames for you is not easy, especially if you don’t know about your face shape. Therefore, knowing your face shape is the first step to narrowing down the style frames that suit you best.

For example, square-shaped faces look great in oval or round faces, while cat-eye frames perfectly suit oval-shaped faces. There is a wide variety of frames that you can choose for your depending upon your face shape. Need more help? Go through our whole guide that matches the best frames for different face shapes.

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How to take a good selfie – Some useful tips

Using the VTO tool, you can easily share your attractive photos with your family and friends on Pinterest or Facebook. However, do you know how to make your selfie look more impressive? If not, follow our simple tips mentioned below that will help you go through taking a good selfie smoothly.

Keep lighting important

Lighting is one of the most important features that add to the greatness of any photo. There are many types of lights that you can use to make your selfie the best, but we recommend you to take advantage of natural light. It is the best, especially when you are planning to try on the glasses. The reason for this is that the sun will clearly bring out the color, texture, and details in your eyes.

Where to look

Group pictures may sometimes become a hassle for you all as any one of you might have to switch some spots to get the good side out of you. Well! The same is the case with these virtual try-in tool glasses that need to have the best shot of you so that there may not be any mistake in matching up the best frame for your face. So try following the VTO instructions and make sure to keep your phone’s camera looking slightly down at you to get the most attractive angle. This way, your selfie will look better.


You can’t imagine how much your smile can add attractiveness to your selfie. It is one of the most distinctive features that each individual has on earth. It may not be perfect at just one shot, but you can take the perfect shot out of it when trying several times.


Your facial features may not overpower your overall beauty, so do not forget to give a little attention to your hairs too. Obviously, they look great and will add much depth to your selfie that you are really going to love.

Some best glasses for women

For your convenience, we have come up with some of the trendy VTO glasses for women from which they can easily choose from depending upon their face shape.

Gucci GG0062S 003 Gold/Green GG0062S Pilot Sunglasses

glasses at VisionDirect

Dolce & Gabbana DG2211

glasses at VisionDirect

Tom Ford FT5401

glasses at VisionDirect

Some of The Best VTO Glasses for Men

Men are also not left behind in our list, and we are here with some of the great suggestions for eyeglasses brands that they are going to love. Following are some trendy eyeglasses for men.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

glasses at VisionDirect

Costa Del Mar Men’s South Point Aviator Sunglasses

glasses at VisionDirect

We hope now you guys have a clear idea on how to try on glasses at VisionDirect. if you have any further query on this topic, please let us know in the comments secion.

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