Trend Of Colourful FFP2 Masks

Although we are already more than used to wearing them and there are countless very beautiful designs to choose from, many times the masks can ruin the most special and careful outfit. A detail that becomes even more evident in the case of ffp2 type masks, since their design is much less careful. However, with the passing of the months, the new regulations, and the increasing use of this type of approved model, many brands have decided to launch more varied options, among which the black ones stand out.

If you also want to protect yourself properly without sacrificing style, right here we leave you a selection of FFP2 farbig, perfect to coordinate with each of your looks. For those women who prefer dark tones, either because you feel more favored or because they are easier to combine, ffp2 Blau maske is the best alternative to black. In this case, it is presented in a PPE model manufactured according to the European Standard EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 FFP2 NR and with CE 2163 or 0370 certificate, with a filtration capacity greater than 95%.


Protects against moderate levels of dust as well as solid and liquid aerosols. They offer greater protection than the FFP1. They filter at least 94% of the particles, with a maximum dispersion amount of 11%. Used in the metal, medical and mining sectors, also in the construction sector for plastering and sandblasting activities.

FFP2-level protectors prevent small airborne particles from entering the airways. The use of a protective device reduces the risk of inhaling harmful viruses, bacteria, gases such as odors, pollen, smoke, dust and other harmful particles.

The masks are equipped with a CE certification certificate and comply with the requirements of the harmonized technical standards en 149: 2001 + a1: 2009 the ffp2 masks are made with hypoallergenic, latex-free materials and are shaped to respect ergonomics and perfect adhesion to the face.

The ffp2 masks are filtering type individual protection devices (dpi) capable of blocking solid particles and droplets (respiratory microdroplets) that can carry viruses and bacteria, protecting the respiratory tract. the ffp2 filter masks are composed of several layers of insulating and filtering material, able to block particles of different sizes, from the largest to the finest, reaching a filtering capacity = 95%, blocking both solid particles and droplets liquids.

FFP2 color mask

The FFP2 farbig mask is a high-quality respiratory protection mask with a 5-layer filter and a filtering capacity of at least 94%. It complies with the DIN EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard and offers great wearing comfort thanks to its soft and skin-friendly material. In addition, the two-side elastics allow the mask to be put on quickly and easily. Since the FFP2 farbig mask filters not only inhaled air but also exhaled air, it serves equally for self-protection and the protection of others.

REGULATIONS: FFP2 masks have UNE Regulations (149: 2001 + A1: 2009)

APPLICATION:  The flexible mask is an excellent solution for healthcare professionals and emergency services, as well as the general public.

PROTECTION:  The  FFP2 type of masks have five layers and filter at least  92% of the particles that are in the air, thus protecting the respiratory tract and not allowing particles that are in the air, such as viruses, to pass through. , bacteria, etc. It is not reusable.

DESIGN:  These FFP2 maske blau have a flexible nose fit that ensures a proper seal to the face. The design is foldable and compact, so its distribution and storage is convenient and easy.

ADAPTABLE:  This mask can be adapted to any type of face, guaranteeing maximum comfort during use. In addition, it is free of latex.

UNIT PACKAGING:  Guarantees that the product is free from any type of manipulation in its packaging process that may affect its effectiveness and protection. It also facilitates its transport and storage, in the bag, backpack, car, office, etc.

FUNCTION:  its use is to reduce exposure to dangerous airborne particles such as particulate matter (PM), smoke, viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, fungal spores, and oncogenic or radioactive substances.

How many hours do FFP2 masks last?

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs recommends not exceeding the use of an FFP2 mask for more than 4 hours in a row. This mask cannot be reused or washed. In addition, it is recommended to change it for safety reasons if it is damaged, damp or dirty, even if it has not been used for more than 4 hours.

ffp2 maske blau

This mask is CE certified. It can be worn immediately for many hours, trapping these particles before they reach the breathing. Its powerful filter makes it safe to use. In addition, this ffp2 black mask is comfortable and aesthetic. This model is available in black.

FFP2 Maske Blau with approved filters

The safety of this ffp2 maske blau is fully guaranteed, and it has been certified by CE. Its filter traps environmental particles so that they do not reach the respiratory tract, offering dual safety to the wearer: active safety, preventing the wearer from getting coronavirus or cov; and passive safety, preventing the wearer from infecting the coronavirus or covid, in case of self-suffering.

How much do FFP2 protect?

Common cotton or cloth masks act more like devices to prevent the spread of aerosol particles by exhalation, but they do not protect the user from inhaling contaminated air. For their part, the FFP -or partial filter masks- are made of several layers of tissue and paper with built-in filters and fit better, creating a seal around the face that protects the user from the environment.

They are divided into categories depending on the diameter of the particles that they let through. FFP2 filters particles down to 0.4 microns in diameter, or 94% of the particles in the air.They do not offer 100% protection, so users must still observe social distancing and hygiene rules .

When to wear ffp2 mask?

Wearing an ffp protective mask is recommended when the contaminants present in the ambient air exceed the normal threshold. However, it is necessary for the oxygen level in the air to be greater than 17% and for the contaminant to be known. Disposable respiratory protection masks also protect the wearer in the event of an epidemic.

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