Treat Your Hair the Way You Want To Be Treated

Deprived of the salon facilities during the pandemic and lockdown it has become a nightmare to get professional help. The drastic obligation to stay at home ruptured the beauty regime of many. Now that the lockdown restrictions are slowly reducing the frizzy, dull, and damaged hair will get its nourishment. Thanks to the e-commerce business that has boomed it is easy to find quality products online through stores like Ethni Beauty Market. The do-it-yourself techniques and the home remedies are plenty and the internet contributes to a variety of hair masks and serum recipes yet will they work is questionable.

Understanding the problem is quite important to know the goal to get the right treatment. Nourishing the hair is the key to glossy tresses. Lack of vitamins and hydration leads to breakage of the strands.  A proper hair care regimen just like the skincare will work wonders by making the hair luscious and shiny.

 Form a routine:

Start with a nourishing hair mask: A nourishing hair mask is essential as it helps to lock in the moisture. The body secretes salts through sweat and a hair mask helps to retain the moisture in the hair and doesn’t dry out the scalp. It is useful for everyone, but especially people who travel a lot or are fitness enthusiasts need to use a nourishing hair mask.  A beautiful blend of Shea butter and essential oils seeps into the scalp and provides luster.

 Hair care after chemical treatments: Chemical treatments are widely used in hair transformation. People get hair colored, straightened, permed, curled and others however, after the treatments are done providing extra nourishment to the hair is inevitable. Moisture hair after the treatments to prevent dryness and damage. Using serums, gels, or leave-in conditioners will keep the hair voluminous and protect it from external damage.

Show love to the scalp: Most people are worried about their hair and try to incorporate many things to have shiny hair. Nonetheless, it is very important to keep the scalp nourished and healthy. Scalp health is critical for strong strands. Learning the scalp type will help to choose the right products. A dry scalp needs moisture from hair masks but an oily scalp needs the removal of oils. Firstly it is a mandate to keep the scalp clean and fresh. Even if the scalp is dry don’t let the products sit on the scalp for many days as it will cause irritation and attract dust and dirt.

Best hair treatments available

Peptide treatment:

The revolutionary treatment that is surging today is the peptide treatment. It has amino acids and proteins that bring volume to limp hair.  Poor diets, stress, hormones, and poor lifestyle also lead to hair damage.  A lightweight serum with simple peptides like2% Keranutri™ and 2% ACB Pisum Sativum Peptide is helpful to rejuvenate the cortex. It is suitable for all hairstyles and beneficial for fine hair. It instantly creates volume to the hair and conditions the hair strands.

Hyaluronic Acid-based treatment:

A powerhouse of hydrating properties the Hyaluronic Acid has changed the landscape of the skincare industry. Yet the benefits of the wonder product can be reaped in hair treatments as well. The substance has the capacity to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It treats dry and frizzy hair. It offers the much-required moisture to the hair just as water hydrates the entire body Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the hair. It retains and seals the cuticles with moisture. It helps the hair to be well tamed and adds plumpness.

Botox treatment:

The beauty industry scoured the benefits of Botox treatment as the celebrities have expressed their views on the tabooed treatment.  The benefits of the treatments are; it is noninvasive and it is a deep conditioning treatment that brings strong and healthy tresses.  It treats frizziness, strengthens the strands, reverses the damage, and adds luster to the hair. The aging process dampens the volume and elasticity.  The Botox fills the hair fiber and smoothens the hair.

 Investing time and a little effort will bring great results in healthy and lustrous hair. There are many treatments and products like masks, serums, and creams that help to strengthen the weak and damaged hair.  

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