Travel Tips to Experience Oktoberfest like a True Bavarian


Travel Tips to Experience Oktoberfestlike a True Bavarian

Oktoberfest remains one of the most quintessential travel experience for anyone who wishes to enjoy pints of excellent quality beer. This festival is one with global fame and such a grand event that attracts people from all corners of the world, who come to Munich each year. If you are planning a trip to Germany, advice for you is to consider planning early. Nonetheless, even if you are late, you should not worry because you can still have the best time of your life last minute.

Travel Tips to Experience Oktoberfest like a True Bavarian

Every year, there’s massive demand for accommodations for Oktoberfest, as well as traditional Oktoberfest lederhosen, beer, pretzels, roasted chickens, sausages, transportation and so much more that helps to drive up the festival costs, which makes it an expensive celebration to attend. If you have no experience, this festival could be an expensive experience for you, but rest assured that if you plan it all properly, you wouldn’t have to spend much.

Here are some travel tips to experience Oktoberfest like a true Bavarian!

Dress Like a Local

Before you decide to attend the festival, you need to know that all locals will definitely don their dirndls and lederhosen. For the occasion, as a tourist,you need to buy one from a Lederhosen Store as well. However, what you need to ensure is to avoid falling into the trap of investing in tacky ones like those that have neon colors, appear shiny, have rhinestones, or way above the knee. Locals do not adore these. Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure you look sober and sophisticated at the same time.

Just make sure that you search for lederhosen, you should choose an authentic one. Original lederhosen will feature 100% original leathers, leather suspenders, buckhorn buttons, front pockets, embroidery, and come in two variations either long or knee-length with checkered shirts. The lederhosen for sale you find in stores often come in different, but elegant colors like brown, gray, dark brown, light brown, beige, and other similar colors. Regardless of what style you choose, know that the beer tents can be hot or cold, so you need to pair your lederhosen with lederhosen shoes to avoid hurting your feet.

Women attending Oktoberfest choose to wear the dirndl, and you need to keep in mind that there is always a special meaning behind where you tie the bow. The bow on the left means you are single and ready to mingle, and on the right means, you are unavailable (or taken). The authentic dirndl features a bodice, blouse, skirt, and an apron. These come in different styles, materials, and colors.

Attend It on the Actual Dates

Usually, Oktoberfest starts in the mid-week of September (this year it will kick off from September 21 to October 6). Know that the first version of this festival was in 1810, which was a grand royal celebration to rejoice the marriage between Prince Ludwig, and PrincessTherese. When attending the festival, another important tip is to avoid calling the festival “Oktoberfest,” rather call it “Wiesn.” This translates to the word meadow, and this is because it takes place on a giant meadow.

Bring Some Cash and Expect High Prices

Not all places accept credit cards and those that do may insist on some extra charges. Just know that when you visit Germany, the country in general runs on cash, o you need to keep things easier by keeping yourself cashed-up well in advance. Keep in mind that it is likely you find everything else expensive there. The food and the beer take up most of the expenses.

Visit the Right Tent

When you visit the grand Oktoberfest in Munich, you will come across fourteen tents in total. Each one of these fits about 5,000-11,000 people. Each one of these tents exudes a wholly vibrant vibe, and some of the tents have their own uniqueness. Some are family-oriented; others are specific for tourists, some for food, and more. Before you attend the festival, just make sure you figure out which tent is a suitable one for you.

Ask for a Mass of Beer and Not Just a Pint

Know that all the types of beer often come in one serving type, and that is often a liter mass. When attending the festival, avoid asking for just a liter, neither a stein (German’s call that “Bierkrug”). You should order a mass, which means measure. A beer tip for you is to grab the handle of the beer and lift it the right way.

When attending Oktoberfest like a local, you need to keep these in mind and ensure you grab the best German lederhosen to blend in like the locals. Make new friends, and simply have a great time on your next travel experience to Munich’s beer festival.

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