7 Elite Traits Every Nurse Practitioner Must Possess

Nurses are the keystone of the healthcare system, and without their services, the system will collapse. They are superheroes who do not wear capes yet provide patients with the best care and a broad smile on their faces. Sadly, they do not get enough credit despite standing beside doctors and ensuring that patients receive proper treatment.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought the nurses’ role to the forefront as they continue to treat patients to the best of their abilities. The world has given nurses the title of frontline soldiers. They perform their duties by putting themselves in danger and ensuring that the people stay safe.

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Nurses have a substantial impact on people as they play a vital role in patients’ recovery. Nurses need to have a pleasant aura and a strong presence of mind.  Nurses educate patients and their families about the illness and precautionary measures. They lend their support to patients and aid them in dealing with anxiety and depression. Nurse Practitioners, commonly referred to as NP, are advanced nurses who have in-depth knowledge in niche fields within the healthcare industry. Unlike typical nurses, NPs have decision-making powers in the best interest of the patient’s health. Efficient NPs possess certain traits that help them to flourish in their role. These include:

7 Elite Traits Every Nurse Practitioner Must Possess

  • Willingness to learn

Efficient nurse practitioners are inherently curious, and they are always ready to learn. They raise intellectual questions and search for answers to expand their knowledge. They do not shy away from learning from juniors as they believe that a different perspective will help them improve professionally. In the medical sector, discoveries, research findings, and advanced medical tools keep evolving nurses’ practices. Willingness to learn helps nurse practitioners adapt to new ways. They are more open-minded about incorporating changes in their approach. Family Nurse Practitioners work closely with children and adults, either in a family or clinical settings. Nurse practitioners eager to improve themselves can enroll in family nurse practitioner online programs and get an advanced degree in family healthcare. Not only will it raise the chance of earning higher, but it will also broaden career prospects. Nowadays, there’s the option of taking online PALS medical courses which can make you more qualified in the medical field.

  •  Attention to detail

Nurse practitioners deal with patients’ wounds, injuries, and sometimes internal body dysfunctions. They must be observant and have a keen eye so that they do not miss out on anything. Nothing is insignificant in medicine. While patients might consider subtle changes trivial, efficient nurses give attention to detail and focus on everything. NPs must demonstrate attentiveness, specifically when assessing patients’ conditions, and report changes in breathing, pulse, and other reading to the doctors. Besides, missing out on details may lead to severe consequences.

  • Perseverance

Determination and perseverance are the qualities of successful people. Highly skilled NPs do not give up hope on the first step. Instead, they start again with new zeal and ensure their best efforts. They handle all kinds of patients. Yet, despite trying their best, sometimes a patient’s condition deteriorates. But they do not lose faith and try alternative medicine. Skillful healthcare professionals analyze the pros and cons of treatments, look into all aspects, and then decide on any treatment. An NPs’ perseverance and grit keep the hope alive in patients, and they start feeling better about themselves.

  • Effective communication

Experts have predicted that people possessing practical communication skills flourish in their fields. NPs are the bridge that connects patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals. They need to be articulate and use exact words while communicating to minimize the chance of misunderstanding. When talking to patients and their families, they should be polite yet honest. While they carry on communication with other healthcare professionals, they need to maintain a professional aura. NPs possess practical skills and can persuade reluctant patients to undergo treatments that can help them in recovery.

  • Emotional strength

NPs come across people from all walks of life, and the nature of the job is unpredictable. Sometimes they meet severely ill people, and at other times, they encounter individuals who’ve been in a deadly accident. Dynamic nurse practitioners have nerves of steel, and they are emotionally intense. They face traumatic situations with composure and do not hesitate in approaching bleeding people. They understand that delay in assisting with critical medical conditions can cost someone his life.

On the other hand, when patients do not make it to full recovery and succumb to their wounds, they feel sad just as anyone would in such a situation. But they do not let their emotions get in the way of their duties. A general misconception is that emotionally intense people are emotionless; the truth is they are strong and can make rational decisions, even in challenging situations.  Emotional stability is an elite trait of NPs and nurses need to develop it to fulfill their duties with sincerity.

  • Analytical thinking

Skillful NPs understand their critical position, and they are aware of the significance of timely decisions and their effects. NPS often have to make snap judgments, and their sharp analytical thinking skills help them evaluate the situation and conclude. They come across puzzling problems that require them to flex their brain muscles and think critically. Analytical thinking helps them make informed decisions as per the patients’ needs and availability of resources.

  • Leadership skills

Nurse Practitioners possess leadership skills, and if the need arises, they can influence junior nurses in a better direction. Leadership skills in NPs help improve the healthcare facility’s productivity, make fellow practitioners emotionally strong, and enhance nursing practices. Effective Nurse Practitioners’ healthy nerves do not let them crumble under pressure. They perform their duties efficiently. Besides, leadership skills in NPs make them stand out in the crowd and help patients in their healing process.


Nurse Practitioners are responsible individuals who have grit and perseverance and perform their duties with diligence. Effective nurse practitioners play a crucial role in assisting doctors in the diagnostic process and prescribing treatments. They are compassionate and empathetic and ensure patients are given the best possible service. Skillful NPs can bring a positive change in patients’ lives as they can inspire them. Do you aspire to become a highly-skilled NP with these elite traits?

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