Tour to North-East India for Travel Lovers [5 Awesome Destinations]

Tour to North-East India for Travel Lovers [5 Awesome Destinations] 

Plan Tour to North-East India

Probably there is no one in the world who hates traveling beautiful destinations.
I think if someone existing here then he/she is not less than a stone-hearted.
Isn’t it true? What do you think my friend?
I feel you do the same.
By-the-way, I am aware that you are not one of them. Therefore you are still here to read this post.
I really appreciate it.
Friend, this post is going to be complete in favor of you.
Because here I will be sharing with you 5 awesome destinations of north-east India, which will take away your heart and soul to there.
So are you excited?
Let’s dive in.
Tour to North-East India for Travel Lovers [5 Awesome Destinations]

5 Awesome Destinations


1. Manas National Park: –

What do you think, why Assam is famous around the world?
What are the main reasons behind it?
Well, I would like to tell you that there are two core facts behind this.
The very first is Assam tea gardens and the 2nd is one horn rhinoceros.
Here, we will not go for tea gardens, except for one horn rhinoceros.
Do you know, why I told you about Manas national park?
Because Manas national park is the largest national park of Assam, which observes the highest number of one horn rhinoceros in the world.
I know, it’s not as famous as Kaziranga national park among tourist but if you go there then I can make sure you that you will learn more things here than Kaziranga.
Now the time to move for our 2nd destination…..

2. Shillong: –

If you are not interested in the very first stuff then I think you will definitely love this one.
Have you ever desired to travel to Europe? And because of the low budget, you killed the dream?
If the answer yes, then I have a better solution for you as Shillong.
Yes my friend, Shilong.
So called the mini Scotland of India, this place will fill your heart full with joy.
The cold weather and the romantic environment of Shillong is always compatible for newly married couples.
Are you newly married?
If yes, then why are you waiting for?
Plan your trip soon and make your partner happy.
But if not; then don’t worry. Just go with your friends and family.
Really Shilong is the heaven for tourist.
Don’t miss it my friend; once life passed away, it will never come back again.
Now the times to move for Majuli….let’s go.
Tour to North-East India for Travel Lovers [5 Awesome Destinations]

3. Majuli: –

Just imagine, you are sitting alone on the riverside and recalling your past days, the childhood that you have lost, the friends of the school and college days and the special one who you will not be able to meet again……….(but don’t want to….)
How it feels?
Don’t just think this is impractical.
This is absolutely practical and it will help you learn why are you living in the world and what is your life’s importance?
I want you to feel it.
Therefore I am talking about Majuli here.
Oh, I am just a fool. I have not still recognized you with Majuli.
Actually, Majuli is a river Island of Assam state; which was once the largest River Island in the world but due to high erosion, it lost its identity.
Here you can experience the days of your childhood if you are a village born.
Just visit once and go to the bank of Brahmaputra River, close your eyes and take a deep breath, without thinking anything.
Do you know, what will you get in the smell?
Your past….Your childhood…..if someone died in your family, also him and her….and someone…you loved a lot but unable to express.
By-the-way friend Majuli is also the cultural hub of Assam state.
If you want to see the impact Neo-Vaishnavism then visit here during Majuli festival season.
Our forth destination is NEFA…

4. NEFA or Arunanchal Pradesh: –

North-East Frontier Agency or simply NEFA is the old name of Arunanchal Pradesh.
A border area between India and China, this place is the beauty queen of north-east India.
Just imagine you are walking on an endless sheet of white ice and moving slowly slowly to a place where hundreds of different colorful flowers are blooming.
How the moment will be for you?
Nostalgic, right?
I can make sure you that you will feel this same thing in NEFA.
If you still have not visited this place then just to take an outlook, read Mr.Verrier Elwin’s ‘A pilgrimage to Tawang Essay’.
I am sure, after reading his essay your mind will fly away to this amazing destination.
Ok, we are at the last point of our post. Let’s finish it…

5. The Kamakhya Temple: –

You may think why I am adding this religious destination with it.
Ok, I will tell you the whole reason.
This is a very interesting place that is why I thought to share with you about it.
I don’t know but there may be only one place on this planet, where a woman Vagina is worshipped.
Yes, you heard the right thing.
According to Hindu mythology, this Vagina is the part of ‘Devi Sati’s’ body.
Every year on July month it becomes menstruated and therefore this time ‘Ambubasi Mela’ celebrated around the whole India.
Thousands of tourists from India and out of India come here every year to celebrate this ‘festival of Menstruation’.
Isn’t it amazing and shocking?
There are more beautiful and interesting destinations in north-east India that we can’t cover within an article.
But I hope we will soon meet again.
Till then goodbye!
Oh wait, don’t forget to let me know, does it remain helpful for you or not.
Comment below.

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