Top Ways of Using Instagram To Drive the Business Sustainability and Profitability

Top Ways of Using Instagram To Drive the Business Sustainability and Profitability

Instagram has not only revolutionized the world of social media with its radical image-centric smartphone-based approach but also introduced a closer relationship of its users with businesses. Today, Instagram is hugely popular with more than a billion monthly active users and over 25 million business accounts. What is even more remarkable is that over 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business on this platform. Over 90% of the world’s top brands have an active presence on Instagram with millions of other businesses, both large and small, emulating them to drive brand awareness and sales. Some tips on how to leverage the power of Instagram for making your business thrive:

Create High-Quality Content

Instagram revolves around visual content, which makes it imperative for businesses to keep an unwavering focus on creating visually appealing, relevant, original, and entertaining content for the target audience. That businesses have been successful, by and large, in this endeavor is clearly pointed out by the fact that Instagram has the highest rate of engagement of all social media platforms, some 23% more than Facebook. However, you will only be able to derive this benefit if your content is of high quality. If you are starting off on Instagram, you can find out what kind of posts attract the maximum likes, comments, and shares and use them for inspiration.

A popular content style is images that show ‘behind the scenes’ activities of your business. This content type not only demonstrates the care with which it conducts itself internally but also shows how your brand believes in transparency and delivering the best. Shots of your products are also very popular with businesses on Instagram. However, you should take care to highlight the most attractive product features and the advantages they deliver to customers. Posting high-quality photos is a must. You can also consider using Instagram Stories; the video content is limited to a maximum of 30 seconds and can be seen only for 24 hours. Instagram Stories is more informal and less polished and seems to be more realistic and hence more engaging.

Aim to Engage Your Target Audience 

It is not enough to post photos of your products and hope to build a dialog with potential customers. Businesses need to engage their audiences by making them feel valued, thereby increasing the chances of their trying to interact with you in the future. Perhaps the easiest way of engaging audiences is to ask for their opinions on something and then respond to their comments on your posts. Taking every opportunity to thank them for their feedback also makes them feel good. Answering queries by users and asking them to tag others, who may be interested, are effective ways of engaging audiences and increasing the number of followers on Instagram. If you need to raise your engagement, you can approach a digital marketing agency to buy likes for IG from real Instagram followers. As a product manufacturer, you will inevitably face complaints. Instead of ducking them, you need to take them head-on with prompt responses so that you convince them that you are taking their complaints seriously and you give importance to serving customers. However, it is a good policy to engage in complaint resolution not in the comments section but by reaching out via direct messaging.

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Maintain a Consistent Brand Image 

Many marketers are inclined to think that by posting high-quality content on Instagram, they are automatically taking care of their brand image. However, it must be appreciated that the quality of the content and the image of the brand are two distinct things. Your branding has to factor in all aspects of your business presence on Instagram, right from the image style, the captions, to the posting frequency, etc. You can create the best impact by developing a unique style for your Instagram profile and remaining consistent with it across all your posts. However, you should try to ensure that you carry over the style to all your customer communications and product packaging to prevent confusion among the target audience. By consistently working to establish a unique brand image, you will be able to achieve instant recognition among your target audience, high brand awareness, as well as enduring memorability, and customer loyalty.

Employ Influencer Marketing to Expand Brand Reach 

As every marketer realizes, organically acquiring followers by posting high-quality content has its limitations. To overcome this, you can engage in advertising on Instagram, however, since advertising has a lack of credibility, it can be only somewhat effective while being expensive in the long run. Another technique, now becoming very popular with marketers is engaging influencers. These are essentially Instagram users with large numbers of followers due to their celebrity status or expertise in a particular domain. Since these celebrities exercise a lot of influence on their followers, marketers can leverage this for brand endorsements. According to, 92% of customers trust influencer marketing more than conventional advertising.

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To get the maximum ROI, it is important to choose an influencer that has the right fit for your brand, has followers matching the persona of your ideal target audience, is agreeable to endorsing your brand, and you can afford the cost. You can search on Instagram using relevant hashtags to identify influencers, use marketing agencies, or the various online influencer platforms to make your shortlist. It is more important to focus on the level of engagement, not the number of followers; however, there must be enough followers to make the engagement worthwhile. Delve into the quality of the posts, as well as that of the engagement, to decide whether they fit with your brand. Make it a point to be on the alert for fake followers and bot-generated likes and comments that can mess up your marketing efforts. Be clear on what your expectations are and how much they cost.


Instagram can open up a new world of prospects for your business. You have to keep in mind that the users are young, affluent, and discerning. Marketers will need to focus on creating high-quality content that appeals and entertains, raise the rate of engagement, ensure consistency of branding and consider employing influencers to expand the brand reach.

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