Top Signs You’re About to Relapse

You have finally made up your mind to seek treatment for your addiction problem, and things seem to be working out. Well, this is what you need to change your life for the better and enjoy sobriety.  But all of a sudden, you start developing cravings for alcohol or the drug you were accustomed to before seeking treatment from professionals. 

With alcohol and drug recovery, it is common to experience a relapse at least once before you attain lasting sobriety. That’s not to say you will get back to your old habits and routines.  Provided you detect the relapse earlier on, you can easily make the necessary changes before things go beyond control.

If you are working toward long-term sobriety after overcoming your alcohol or drug addiction, be sure to keep a close eye on any of these signs to prevent a relapse. 

  • Forgetting About Your Hygiene 

For a moment, think about your level of hygiene way before starting treatment for your alcohol or drug addiction problem. The sheer thought of it is enough to send chills down your spine.  Things are not any different with a relapse since you’ll slowly start neglecting your hygiene. Before you know it, you no longer see the essence of prioritizing your hygiene. 

In most cases, this happens when you start focusing more on your alcohol or drug addiction and lack the time to groom yourself. Whereas this sign may appear too late, you can still try everything possible to overcome the relapse. That way, you stand a better chance of reaching your sobriety goals. 

  • Change in Behavior 

How you behave after coming out of a sober living home speaks volumes about your current state of sobriety. Whereas some recovering addicts have a smooth transition back into society, some struggle to adapt to their new way of life. Before they know it, they forget everything and go back to their old habits. 

The moment you notice even the slightest of changes in your behavior, do not hesitate to seek help from professionals. Alternatively, you can turn to your friends, family, or group members for support. The earlier you look for help, the easier it is to prevent a possible relapse. 

  • Not Asking for Help

Whereas you may think that you’re doing yourself a big favor by taking all your problems head-on, it can never help you with anything. Overcoming your addiction starts with accepting your current situation before seeking treatment.  The same is to be said about a relapse since you must acknowledge it first, after which you can rejoin a sober living San Diego home or start rehab treatment programs. 

Final Thoughts

No matter how hard you push yourself, you cannot avoid all the triggers of relapse. The secret lies in understanding the signs of a relapse and learn what it takes to cope with inevitable stressors.  Furthermore, you need to develop a relapse prevention plan and stick to it to achieve long-term recovery. 

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