Top Reasons Why I Became a Bodybuilder

Top Reasons Why I Became a Bodybuilder – Every person has a story, and there’s a story behind any goal they set, be it carrier-related to fitness-related. The foundation of my bodybuilding story dates back to when I was in high school. I had no idea at that time what bodybuilding is or how to pursue it. My aim was to get a noticeable personality, which I didn’t have in school. I was one of those nerdy guys whom everyone tends to ignore.


Being an introvert made matters worse for me. However, I decided to take matters into my own hand and make myself more confident. I knew I will have to do a lot of hard work, change my lifestyle, and even take the help of steroids, which I eventually did. However, I did my research and found out everything about them, such as how do anabolic steroids workand what are they made of.

Apart from being noticed, I pursued bodybuilding for many other reasons. And these are:

To Increase My Confidence Level

Due to my lack of confidence, it was tough for me to speak with someone one-on-one. I wasn’t an introvert in the traditional sense, but I couldn’t talk to many people or establish many friends because of my lack of confidence.

I wanted to increase my self-assurance. This is why I started going to the gym. I believe that as I build a more present and approachable attitude, it will be easier for me to communicate with others. This is precisely what occurred. There were doubts and trepidation when I first joined the gym, but I ignored them for the sake of my own health. Initially, I joined a workout group where I met new people. Then I got into bodybuilding. The first thing I did was hire a professional fitness trainer. I made sure to hire a certified one, and this decision paid off. He went out of the way to not only assist me with bodybuilding but shaping up my personality as well.

To Become Popular Among Girls

I may come across as shallow here, but I’m not shy in admitting that I used to dig the attention girls gave to boys with well-built bodies in school. And I low-key wanted it as well.

I discovered how to catch other people’s attention (mainly girls) by working out. Rather than weeping myself to sleep in my room, I decided to take matters into my own hands and enrolled in a fitness club. My journey to becoming a bodybuilder began from there. Now, take a look at me today. Because of my physical appearance, I’ve begun to attract the attention I craved previously.


To Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Another factor that encouraged many to begin bodybuilding is the desire to live a healthy lifestyle. I used to notice how well-organized my trainer’s life is. He never smokes, drinks in moderation, and maintains a healthy lifestyle. I haven’t seen him sick in a long time because he has a strong immune system. This is because he used to be, and still is, very conscious of his food and always exercised in the proper quantities. He still lives by these beliefs, which is why I consider him to be my role model.

When I used to work out with him, it was his way of life that most impressed me. As a result, I made the decision to adopt his behaviors in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

He also taught me that steroids aren’t always hazardous for our health. He assured me that if we use steroids correctly, that is, at the prescribed dose, they will not hurt us. I began taking steroids on his advice, and they proved to be really useful to me. On his recommendation, I placed my order at UGFreak, and it actually turned out be a great decision as the products available here are high-quality and very affordable. The best part? They are lab-tested. It’s certainly the best shop to buy steroids online.

In all, if I can accomplish it, so can you. Just mentally prepare yourself for all of the hard work and effort that will be required of you. It will not be a simple path, but with devotion, focus, and commitment, you will undoubtedly succeed.

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