Top Reasons We Can’t Disprove Psychic Phenomena

A great deal of debate rages about the integrity of psychic phenomena. The naysayers tend to throw everything they’ve got at the psychic realm and claim that nothing sticks. The science simply doesn’t back it up according to standard operating procedure (SOP). This pervasive opinion states that if something doesn’t fit snugly into pre-formulated equations, theorems, or constructs, it must be summarily dismissed. 

However, the most important aspects of human existence are predicated upon beliefs that defy conventional wisdom, cannot be empirically tested, and are responsible for maintaining society’s fabric. For example, despite millennia of evolution, humankind clings to a belief in a higher power. We cannot disprove deities’ existence despite the best efforts of scientists, mathematicians, anthropologists, or philosophers. There is an intractable truth in the universe – it is infinitely beautiful, perfect, and functional.

We marvel at the statistically impossible odds of planet Earth existing in an otherwise dead milieu of space. That basic amoebas and enormously complex organisms coexist harmoniously on a planet under all the right conditions is beyond anything conceivable. 

The mere fact that life flourishes on earth despite every possible life extinction event, from volcanic eruptions to earthquakes, to solar flares, to floods, droughts, fires, and interplanetary occurrences, is astounding. We cannot fathom a complex system such as ours as a stand-alone entity in the vast nothingness of deep space. Of course, there is a universal truth about energy – the driving force behind all life forms. Energy is never created nor destroyed; it transforms from one state to another.

This is where the waters get muddied. Science has an important part to play in the existence paradigm, and it is through the very concept of energy. Here’s where things get interesting – professional clairvoyant readings – a subset of the energy realm concerning human connections, past and present. 

This particular area of interest – clairvoyant readings – focuses on psychically enhanced abilities to read, see, or perceive elements that the average individual typically doesn’t notice. Thanks to a concept known as Clair-sensitivity, spiritual people can tap into this part of consciousness. Since our brains are veritable motherboards of infinite energy, there are intensely developed connections to all forms of particle matter, notably energy forms.

Previously, we described a scientific reality of energy simply moving between different states. This energy is never destroyed; it continues to exist in our world and the universe ad infinitum. Bodies are mere vessels to encapsulate energy; they are not the energy itself. By deduction, we can postulate that the invisible connections that bind particles in the universe always exist, irrespective of the form that matter takes. 

Clairvoyance is a finely tuned art of being able to tap into this consciousness, this energy realm that always exists. It is a multi-sensory milieu. All of our senses are deeply engaged in the art of clairvoyance, with the following aspects pertaining to specific sensory abilities:

All SensesClairvoyance

Many of us have heard the term ESP (extrasensory perception). This ability allows the clairvoyant to use all available senses to gain a perception of a situation or a state of being. It is not a hard and fast science but a complex set of convictions and constructs. The psychic world boasts an impressive array of highly talented, professional psychics capable of clairvoyance. 

While the scientific community has its doubts, the recipients of accurate psychic readings are fully convinced of the merits of this mystical art. Psychic readings have many applications, ranging from relationships and romance to work and career. The focal point of clairvoyant readings is removing barriers to happiness, obstacles to enlightenment, or bringing light to darkness. Belief does not require proof; it is an energy force that sustains and channels the believer toward a desired state. Science can disqualify beliefs based on physical improbability, but that certainly doesn’t denote that the actual belief is based on false premises. Nobody can deny the eternal existence of energy or our ability to tap into it for positive purposes. A healthy mindset is predicated on belief; if we don’t believe, we don’t achieve.

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